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The store front

Kendo Gun Shop (stylized as Gun Shop Kendo) was a gun store located in downtown Raccoon City. The gun shop was tucked away in one of Flower Street's alleyways against the Raccoon Police Station. The store was owned and operated by Robert Kendo, a gun enthusiast and good friend of Barry Burton. It was also the supplier of weapons for the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, using weapons specially modified by Robert Kendo's brother.[1]


In September, 1998, Kendo's inventory was emptied out to civilians during the outbreak, leaving very little behind for remaining survivors to pick through.[2] Robert hid in the store from the zombies, along with his wife and daughter Emma, who were later infected in the process.

In Resident Evil 2, he encounters the Scenario A protagonist (Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield), before getting eaten by zombies that break in through the window. In Resident Evil 2 Remake, Robert was forced to kill his wife and later his daughter, after his encounter with Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong on 29th September, before committing suicide.


Further notesEdit

  • The gun shop appears in the demo of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City but is inaccessible. In an interview, producer Mike Jones hinted at the possibility of exploring the shop and finding weapons. However, this feature was never implemented in the final release.[3]
  • The gun shop is one of several landmarks featured in the Raccoon City parody level of Capcom's Under the Skin video game.


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