"A custom part for the Matilda that allows the gun to fire 3 rounds per pull of the trigger."
— Inventory description
"マチルダ専用のカスタムパーツ。 1度のトリガーで3連射を行う、3点射撃機能が追加される。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

The Gun Stock (Matilda) is a custom part in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


It allows the Matilda to fire 3 bullets if the fire button is held, it can still shoot one bullet per button press if the button is simply tapped. Increases inventory-space taken.


Inside the trunk of a police car at the Parking Garage, it requires the Car Key in order to open it. The key is at the outside part of the Firing Range, on a table inside the Tin Storage Box and next to the Equipment Disposal Notice.

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