The Gun Turret (ガンタレッ?) is a weapon in Resident Evil 6.


The Gun Turret is a weapon available to both the player and the enemy so long as they are either a J'avo or Neo Umbrella J'avo and non-mutated. The turret is a weapon that isn't in the inventory nor can it be "unlocked", it is only available in a few sections of the game and it can also be destroyed by large enemies such as the Ogroman.

Shooting for too long will overheat the turret which will in turn make it unable to fire until it has cooled off. It's also possible to duck while using the turret which will cover the player from enemy fire, but will not protect them from damage coming from behind.

In Agent Hunt, players cannot use the Gun Turret regardless of their mutation status.

The Gun Turret is also present in the Extra Content maps such as in Requiem for War when playing the Predator mode.

Further notes

  • Voice lines from the Partner Action Button get much quieter when the Gun Turret is being used.
  • Written on the turret are the words "FIRE" and "SAFE".


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