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For other items of this name, see Gunpowder (disambiguation).

"A larger quantity of gunpowder. Makes double the amount of ammo compared to regular gunpowder."
— Inventory description
"大きめの容器に入った発射薬。 通常のガンパウダーの倍量の弾薬を 作成できる。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

Gunpowder (Large) is an item found in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


It has the same effect as the Gunpowder, however, it gives out more ammo when combined.

It's a resource item that's used to create:


  • At the back of the 3F area of Clock Tower there is a door that leads to a dead end.
  • On the bench in the Water injection Chamber's northeast corner.
  • On the bench in the Kitchen's northeast corner.
  • On the east side of the bank of desks lining the Drug Testing Lab's middle.
  • On the workbench in the Maintenance Passage's southwest corner.
  • On the trolley next to the doorway of the P-4 Level Testing Lab's northern room.
  • Baggage Car (2nd scenario only):
    • On the green weapon boxes at the east end of the crate.
    • On the floor next to the toppled barrels in the car's middle.