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The PSG-1 (an abbreviation of "PräzisionsSchützenGewehr", or "Precision Marksman Rifle") is a 7.62mm semi-automatic sniper rifle manufactured by Heckler and Koch as the marksman variant of their G3 rifle series. It was designed specifically to meet the needs of military and law enforcement organizations.

In Resident Evil

Resident Evil 5

It is featured in Resident Evil 5 as the third sniper rifle and second semi-automatic sniper rifle available to the player, and is the only sniper rifle available in Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape. It can either be purchased in the store, or found in a case during chapter 5-3. It has a starting firepower of 600, reload speed of 2.55, a capacity of 5, and a scope magnification of 0. Fully upgraded, it has a firepower of 1200, reload speed of 1.370, a capacity of 15, and a scope magnification of 2.

Resident Evil: Outbreak

The gun also appears in Outbreak, used by UBCS Member Nicholai Ginovaef in a cutscene during Decisions, Decisions. He never fires the gun, instead using an attached launcher to fire some kind of medical device at Thanatos which takes a sample of its blood. However Thanatos becomes enraged and escapes before the device can be retrieved by Nicholai. The same device is used later by the Survivors to create Daylight. The gun is also seen in Outbreak: File #2, used by UBCS member Arnold during End of the Road. He uses the weapon to fire at Linda and the player not caring they are not zombies.The gun itself is not obtainable by the player in either game.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

The PSG-1 was confirmed to be in the game through the Inserted Evil website. It is referred to as the "Precision Rifle."

Related Weapons

Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game

The PSG1 is a weapon card in the Resident Evil DBG, here called the Telescopic Sight Rifle. It is the successor of the Bolt-Action Rifle but unlike it does not hav

Telescopic Sight Rifle

e a "special weapon" in its deck of the Resource Area. The TSR has a rather interesting effect; when a character Explores they can reveal the bottom card of the Mansion Area instead of the top. This effect can easily be exploited if used with Ada Wong or Jim Chapman, who both have effects allowing them to send Infected to the bottom of the deck without fighting them. The TSR has a Gold cost of 50, an ammo requirement of 50, and deals 30 Damage.


  • Though it is not as powerful as the Dragunov, PSG-1 is extremely stable and has a very far range, making it the best sniper rifle, in Resident Evil 5, to achieve headshots.
  • PSG-1 is not realistically simulated in physics, the gun has a high recoil. Resident Evil 5 shows it has almost none, if any, at all.



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