"9mm parabellum rounds added with powerful powder created with the Reloading Tool. Used for either the M92F or the SIGPRO."

The H.G. Bullets E are the enhanced ammunition for the Jill's Samurai Edge in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Also those bullets can be used with Nikolai's SIGPRO in the The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal. This ammuntion is loaded to higher pressures, and thus more powerful than the standard pressure ammunition. This ammunition is referred to +P (higher than standard pressure) or +P+ (the pressure limit of the caliber). This special ammunition is created with the Reloading Tool. After creating handgun ammuntion seven times, on the eigth time, Jill will be prompted if she wants to create the enhanced ammo. Nikolai can obtain this ammo by rescuing the hostages in the Mercenaries game.

In-game appearanceEdit

Enhanced ammo has a red color indicator of the amount of bullets on the inventory screen, while the standard has a green one. The new ammuntion brand is "Black Taurus", this is a reference to Winchester's "Black Talon" ammunition line, which was very popular with law enforcment in the 1990's. However, it uses a bullet that closely resembles Remington's "Golden Saber" hollow point, another popular law enforcement ammunition. Maximum amount of ammo that one inventory slot can contain is 250.



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