HUNK's Report is a file found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles during Game of Oblivion


Attn Mr Alfred Ashford.

I arrived successfully from the Umbrella transport base with the large scale B.O.W capsule.
Extreme care was taken during transport, and all 108 checkpoints were confirmed condition "green" in accordance with standard procedures.
The capsule is currently stored at sub-zero temperatures as per request. There is one area, however, that we would like to bring to your attention regarding this matter. As you know. Our unit is normally assigned to special missions. So it raises the question as to why such a highly trained unit was assigned to protect what appears to be a standard capsule?
I do not need to be reminded of protocol regarding classified information, my concerns is the safety of my unit. Without knowledge of the contents, out safety could be at risk during such a transport.
This is especially important if the contents are potentially harmful. We request that you provide us with more information, should we be assigned similar missions in the future.

Umbrella Special Forces unit - HUNK

自分達は本日 23:00より別途任務に赴きます。
アンブレラ特殊工作部隊所属 HUNK

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