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Resident Evil 2 (1998)Edit

HUNK appears in The Fourth Survivor. In order to unlock The Fourth Survivor minigame, the player must beat both Leon and Claire's scenarios and at least receive a 'B' and 'A' Rankings. HUNK has 120HP and eight inventory slots which contains:[citation needed]

Resident Evil Outbreak and File #2Edit

HUNK is playable in this game but only by means of a cheating device, such as a Gameshark. He has two versions, both of which were intended to be unlocked via some event in a dropped scenario, since they both have proper stats. HUNK A (which features him unmasked) and HUNK B (which features him with his signature Gas Mask). Both are Kevin-Type characters. This means that both versions can perform pot shots like Kevin and start with .45 auto pistols as their Personal item. They can also use Kevin's kick and Elbow Charge.

Outbreak Unlock requirement None None
Outbreak File #2 Unlock requirement None None
The Following info may not be completely accurate as this character is unobtainable by normal means.
Character Type Kevin Kevin
Health High; 2600-3000 Average; 2000-2500
Infection rate 1.48% per minute 1.50% per minute
Movement speed ? ?
Attack multiplayer X1.33?* ?
Condition FINE FINE
Starting Items First Aid Spray Handgun Bullets (30)

* this is an estimate based on comparisons with other characters with known stats.

HUNK A's attack power is among the highest of all NPCS. Surpassed only by Axeman and Mr. Gold. With potshots from his 45 Auto, he's capable of delivering heavy damage to zombies, even on higher difficulties.

Resident Evil 4Edit

"Special Ops Agent, HUNK is back in The Mercenaries!"

Character Load-out Melee Unlocked by

Tn hunk
Health: 7 bars

  • Head: Neckbreaker
  • Leg: Kick
Getting 4-Star on Stage 3

The Custom TMP used by HUNK in Resident Evil 4.

HUNK is a playable character in the non-canon minigame, The Mercenaries in Resident Evil 4. His appearance has been redesigned since Resident Evil 2 as he now wears an entirely different outfit. HUNK is unlocked by getting a 4 star ranking on Stage 3. He is armed with only a Custom TMP. It appears different from the regular TMP but functions like a partially upgraded one however, the key difference is HUNK will aim his from the shoulder as opposed to the hip making lining quick head shots much easier.

The stats for HUNK's TMP are:

Statistic Value Upgrade Level
Firepower 1.0 Level 5
Reload speed 1.17 Level 3
Ammo capacity 100 Level 3

He is also armed with 50 extra TMP rounds, three hand grenades and a first aid spray. This light load keeps HUNK's inventory very open and uncluttered, with an extra 42 spaces free (10x4+2). Because it is unlikely that his case will be filled completely during the course of a mission, inventory management is negligible. The only items that his foes will drop are grenades, TMP ammunition, and healing items. HUNK's health meter is 7 bars long, and he can take a fair beating, but is not by any means the most resilient Mercenary. Only Ada is weaker, with 6.5 bars. He can take 5 hits from normal villagers before dying, and only 3 from stronger enemies, such as Stun Rod-wielding Ganados or strikes from a Garrador.

HUNK has two melee moves. When an enemy is stumbling from a head shot, he can use the Neckbreaker move which always instantly kills. This can be used on the Chainsaw Sisters but it can not on the other bosses. When an enemy gets hit in the calf or kneecaps and falls to their knees, HUNK can use his own self-explanatory "Kick" move, which can knock an enemy back several yards. The kick move involves HUNK winding back and swinging his leg across with such force he lifts himself off the ground and almost stumbles the landing. Although this can break up a group of enemies, it is intended to knock foes back and is usually not a one hit kill. Since HUNK's TMP burns ammo quickly, a skillful player must rely on HUNK's takedowns more than any other character to survive, HUNK also does not have a Knife, thus a player cannot simply slash a Ganado in order to perform a Neckbreaker.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesEdit

HUNK is a playable character in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. He is played in the "Fourth Survivor" scenario which is a retelling of "The 4th Survivor" sidegame from Resident Evil 2. His handgun is the "Matilda". On the select equipment screen, the Automatic Pistol will be selected for HUNK by default. His melee attack involves him first performing a spinning back fist to knock the zombie off him, then moving in on them and performing a neck break. This attack will always kill the zombie and notably will push many enemies away as HUNK covers a lot of distance going up to them to do this (enemies are automatically pushed away when the character comes in contact with them during melee attacks).

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3DEdit


HUNK in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

In the non-canon game Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, HUNK is one of the three starting characters, alongside Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. HUNK's alternative costume is called Mr. Death, which is unlockable by getting A-rank on ALL Mission Level (except Level Ex).

His weapon set is:

Hunk alternate

HUNK's alternate costume

Weapon Type Name Ammo
Handgun H&K P8 (HG) (14/14)
G. Launcher (FLS) - (4/4)
Machine Gun AK74 (30/30)

His melee moves are:

  • Elbow Strike: When HUNK injures an enemy in the head or stuns them, he can walk up to them and hit them with his elbow and knock them back. Multiple enemies can be hit with this attack.
  • Riot Kick: When HUNK injures an enemy in the arm and he approaches from the front, he whips out a blade from the toe of his boot and kicks the person in front of him, which knocks them back. Multiple enemies can be hit with this attack.
  • Neckslicer: When HUNK injures an enemy in the arm and he approaches from the back, he pulls out his hidden blade on his arm and slices the enemy's neck. Multiple enemies can be hit with this attack. HUNK also preforms this move when he destroys a time bonus, which, if an enemy is in front of him, injures them.
  • The End: When HUNK injures an enemy in its foot and he approaches from the front, he pulls out his hidden blade, walks up to the enemy and stabs the from the bottom of the jaw and then he kicks them off his blade. This is an instant kill to a single enemy, though when he kicks the body off his blade, the body may hit other enemies.
  • Executioner: When HUNK injures an enemy in its foot and he approaches from the back, he pulls out his hidden blade and shoves it into the enemy's back then shoves the body off his blade. This is an instant kill to a single enemy, though when he shoves the body off his blade, the body may hit other enemies.
  • Triple Tap: When HUNK walks up to an enemy on the ground, he pulls out his M92F (not his P8 sidearm) and fires three times at
    HUNK's side kick

    HUNK's Side Kick

    the enemy. Multiple enemies can be hit with this attack, but only if they walk in front of HUNK as he is shooting. Shooting the gun in this manner doesn't consume ammo.
  • Side Kick: When HUNK walks up to a stunned powerful enemy (like Gatling Gun Majini) or uses the skill Reversal, which lets the character gain access to more powerful Melee Attacks when vitality is low, he does a flying karate kick, knocking the enemy back.

HUNK's regular attire is 90% damage in-take and 270 vitality recovery rate. HUNK's Mr.Death has a 70% damage in-take, the 3rd highest in the game, plus 180 recovery rate.[citation needed]

Resident Evil: RevelationsEdit

Resident-Evil-Revelations-Announcement hunk 121219
Lady hunk

HUNK is a playable character in Raid Mode on the ported version of Resident Evil: Revelations.

HUNK re-uses his executioner melee attack from Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

HUNK also has a DLC outfit called LADY HUNK. LADY HUNK utilizes Jill Valentine's sweep kick attack from Resident Evil 5 and she has her own intro and ending voice clips, however she re-uses Rachel Foley's voice commands. The DLC came out on June 11 along with Ooze Rachel for $2.99 or 240 Microsoft Points.

HUNK Raid Mode Stats
Costume Method of Unlocking Abilities
Costume 1 - HUNK "Clear all stages on Abyss difficulty with an S Rank" Machine Gun Mastery 4
  • Machine Gun Reload Speed +100%
  • Machine Gun Firing Rate +45%
Magnum Mastery 1
  • Magnum Reload Speed +35%
  • Magnum Firing Rate +15%
Shadow Dancer 2
  • Even easier to dodge attacks
Costume 2 - LADY HUNK DLC Magnum Mastery 4
  • Magnum Reload Speed +100%
  • Magnum Firing Rate +70%

Resident Evil: Revelations 2Edit

Basic info
Name Hunk
Episode content N/A
Unlock requirement DLC
Physical attack Reveals a hidden arm blade to lunge forward and stab an enemy.
Follow-up attack Unholsters a personal pistol, fires three bullets into the downed enemy, then re-holsters.
Level 50 reward "Backflip" Gesture
Gesture dialogue
Go "Go!"
Wait "Wait!"
Come "Get over here."
Thanks "I owe you one."
Sorry "Sorry."
Weapon slots
Open Open Open
Active skills slots
61 Stealth Cloak 45
Passive skills slots
Assault Rifle Master 5 23
55 78 92
Active skills Passive skills
Electric Bottle (41) Scavenger (8)
Smokescreen Bottle (13) Crouch Power (18)
Decoy Bottle (49) Quick Heal (10)
Exploding Bottle (52) Magic Pixel (5)
Stealth Cloak Can't Catch Me (25)
Extreme Healing (20)
Stuck on You (65)
Health Up (2)
Herb Storage Up (2)
Machine Pistol Master (30)
Assault Rifle Master
Magnum Master (37)
Sniper Rifle Master (33)
Melee Master (27)

Resident Evil 2 (2019)Edit

HUNK returns in The 4th Survivor of Resident Evil 2 remake. In order to unlock this mode, the player must complete either Leon's or Claire's campaign and then complete the unlocked campaign for the alternative character.  HUNK is equipped with a wide range of weapons and equipment, and has 20 inventory slots.

Weapon  Ammo Healing Items Misc Items
LE 5 Submachine Gun Ammo (100) First Aid Spray Combat Knife
W-870 Shotgun Shells (6) Mixed Herb (G+R+B) Hand Grenades (3)
Lightning Hawk MAG Ammo (6) Mixed Herb (G+B) Flash Grenades (3)
MUP Mixed Herb (R+B) Gunpowder (Large) (2)
High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow) (2)


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