HUNK is an action figure manufactured and sold by Moby Dick as part of the BIOHAZARD Real Shock Action Figure line of toys. It is based on the "HUNK" character as seen in 1998's Resident Evil 2.


HUNK stands about 8 inches tall and dons his appearance from the 1998 version of Resident Evil 2, though lacking the red glowing eyes in the gas mask. As with most other toys in this range, HUNK comes with a stand bearing the Umbrella and BIOHAZARD logos. A number of accessories also come with the action figure. HUNK can hold a submachine gun or a handgun in his hands, and has a holster to store the handgun, which can be closed. Two packs of ammo also come, which can be stored in his belt. HUNK's face can also be revealed by removing the helmet, which comes in three parts.

As far as articulation goes, he is able to bend his knees and elbows, his shoulders and head can rotate and pivot, and his wrists, thighs, waist and ankles rotate.



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