Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Further notes

The Halbert was a B.O.W. created within the underwater Bio-Sphere located underneath the Umbrella Waste Disposal Facility. Named after the halbert (also called a "halberd"), a medieval pole-based weapon, they attacked perceived threats using a powerful sting.


The Halbert was devised by a research team under Morpheus D. Duvall at the renegade Bio-Sphere base operating outside of the Umbrella Corporation's jurisdiction. The team was able to confirm the Halbert's ecology to that of ants or bees, which worked in groups, and that it also contained traits of the horseshoe crab and the cockroach, which gave it incredible survival power. After the team fell victim to the T-Virus outbreak at the facility, the Halbert and its offspring roamed freely, taking up residence in the facility's plant.

Agent Bruce McGivern encountered the Halbert swarm in 2002 while exploring the Bio-Sphere, where he was attacked by the queen in the plant. Engaging the queen Halbert in combat, McGivern was able to kill the creature and disperse the swarm.



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