"A hand grenade that disperses lethal metal fragments and destroys its surroundings on detonation."
— Inventory description - English
— Inventory description - Japanese

The Hand Grenade is a sub-weapon in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


Like the Combat Knife, it can be used both as a weapon and as a defensive item when being grabbed in order to prevent an enemy from carrying out a lethal attack. However, it will deal less damage than it would have if it was manually thrown.[1] Unlike the Combat Knife, the Hand Grenade can do far more damage to enemies than what the former would have inflicted.

Its blast radius is deceptively large, often stunning players even from a seemingly decent range away. To that end, one must be careful to not have sturdier enemies ready to lunge at them while a grenade explodes. Otherwise, these things are nothing short of boss killers and should be treated as such instead of defense items whenever possible.

While their number is limited in canon campaigns, in The Ghost Survivors mode it's possible to craft them by combining a White and Yellow High-Grade Gunpowder.


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