"H&K VP70. Manufactured by H&K, Germany. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds."
— Item examination - English
"H&K VP70 9mmパラベラム弾を使用するドイツH&K社の大型拳銃だ "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Hand Gun (ハンドガン handogan?) is a weapon in Resident Evil 2. The gun is identified as a Heckler & Koch VP70. It is a polymer pistol that served as Leon Scott Kennedy's R.P.D. police firearm.


The Hand Gun holds eighteen H. Gun Bullets. Leon can find Handgun Parts which upgrades the gun to the C. Hand Gun.

Main game

During the main game in Leon A and Leon B, Leon starts with this in his inventory. It is a useful weapon early on, with a larger magazine than Claire's Browning HP handgun.

Leon's Handgun is a preferred choice when fighting the lesser enemies of the game such as zombies and Zombie Dogs. However, it is weak against lickers, and inadequate for tough opponents like T-00.

The 4th Survivor

In The 4th Survivor, HUNK has the Hand Gun in his starting inventory. It is best recommended to use it against Zombies, Zombie Dogs and Ivy B.O.W.s.


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