The Handcannon (ハンドキャノン hando-kyanon?) is an extremely powerful Magnum revolver featured in Resident Evil 4. It must be unlocked first and then bought in the main game.


The Handcannon is unlocked by completing "The Mercenaries" mini-game and getting 5 stars on all four stages with all five characters. From there, the Handcannon may be purchased from the Merchant for 0₧ in the cleared game shop screen.


The Handcannon takes up 4x2 spaces in the inventory menu, 8 boxes total. Its base firepower starts at 30.0. Unlike other Magnums, the Handcannon uses its own type of ammunition; Ultimate Mighty Z bullets. Ammo for the gun will only drop in the game when it is inside the player's inventory.

It will take 790,000₧ to fully upgrade the Handcannon. Its Exclusive upgrade increases its firepower to a massive 99.9 and gives the gun infinite ammunition.

This revolver is useful for fighting tough enemies or blasting through several tightly bunched Ganados. However, the gun produces huge recoil when fired; making missed shots possibly fatal for the player. It is the only weapon powerful enough to pierce Cultist and militia helmets.

At maximum firepower, the Handcannon will take down bosses and sub-bosses very easily. For instance, killing an El Gigante requires only two shots: the first one to drop the giant on its knees, the second to kill the parasite that emerges from its back. It will also disintegrate armor-wearing Armadura parasites in one shot.

  • Fully upgraded, the Handcannon is the second most powerful weapon in the game next to the Rocket Launcher.
  • The Handcannon does not really fire one powerful bullet; it actually shoots a burst of four individual bullets bunched extremely tightly (this can be seen by shooting water).
  • When equipped in the inventory screen, Leon will stand with his back facing the player and perching the gun on his left shoulder. This is a reference to the Suda51 game Killer 7, in which the playable character Dan Smith holds his revolver in a similar manner.
  • At Level One and Two for reload speed, the reload animation involves Leon inserting individual rounds, but at Level Three, Leon uses a speedloader.
  • Even with infinite ammo, the player can still press the reload button to see the reloading animation.

Tune up chart

Fire Speed and Reload Speed are given in seconds.

The exclusive firepower level and infinite ammo are awarded at the same time.

It takes a total of 790,000₧ to fully upgrade the Handcannon or 590,000₧ without the exclusive upgrade, in case you want to do a normal playthrough with it.

Level Fire Power Cost Fire Speed Cost Reload Speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 30.0 1.17 3.67 3
2 35.0 40,000₧ 2.87 25,000₧ 4 15,000₧
3 40.0 50,000₧ 1.83 50,000₧ 5 20,000₧
4 45.0 70,000₧ 6 25,000₧
5 50.0 90,000₧ 8 35,000₧
6 60.0 120,000₧ 10 50,000₧
Exclusive 99.9 200,000₧ Infinite


  • Examine: Handcannon
"This is a .50 magnum. Need we say more?"
  • Fully upgraded Examine: Handcannon
"This.50 magnum now fires infinite bullets! Gotta love it!"
  • Merchant Comment
"Stranger! *laughs* What d'you need that for? Goin' huntin' an elephant?"
  • Exclusive
"Fire infinite bullets! It also increase the firepower beyond the weapon's threshold."


Its Ultimate Mighty Z ammunition is scarce. Ammo drops for Handcannon ammo are quite sketchy; it is quite possible (with minimal usage of the Handcannon) to rack up 50 rounds in a chapter, at other times, barely 5 rounds can be found per chapter, though sometimes lucky players can rack up up to 100 per chapter.

The ammo sells for 600₧ per round; so once the Handcannon has been fully upgraded with infinite ammo, the rounds can be a profitable source of income (enemies will continue to drop Handcannon bullets even with the exclusive upgrade).

The Handcannon must be upgraded to the max to fully utilize the power it harnesses. It is possible to fully upgrade it well before fighting Salazar by selling all the ammo you collect for it (as well as being generally economically efficient).

Further Notes

  • The Handcannon will normally sell for 0₧. However, when fully upgraded, it can be sold for 395,000Pts.
  • The Handcannon is the only item in the attaché case that initially points to the left, rather to the right.


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