A Handgun is a firearm capable of being wielded single-handed. These relatively short and compact weapons are designed for close range combat and easy carrying.

Handguns are one of the basic weapons of the Resident Evil series, and often the very first weapon the player has access to alongside the knife. These guns come in many designs and calibers, but are often loaded with 9mm Parabellum rounds in the Resident Evil games.

In most of iterations, the handgun are ill-suited for boss encounters due to their lower than average firepower. Nevertheless, the sheer abundance of ammunition allows it to whittle down and outlast even the toughest bosses in the hands of patient/ expert players. This trend has seen slight descent as from Resident Evil 4 onward, handguns are given special gimmicks to further their viability compared to other heavy hitting weapons.

An expert player looking for a challenge might use only handguns to complete a game; knowing these firearms offer high accuracy, low recoil, and plentiful ammo.

Handguns are often a standard issue weapon of many police and military organizations:

  • The main sidearm of the elite S.T.A.R.S. team is the Samurai Edge, a customized variant of the Beretta 92F pistol.

Gameplay specificsEdit

All the handguns in Resident Evil: Survivor and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles have infinite ammunition.

The "Handgun" in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles has infinite ammunition and appears different guns (but functionally the same) for each playable character.

In Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and Resident Evil 6, the player can equip certain Skills effect how effective Handguns are.

In Resident Evil: Revelations, enemies have a specific set of resistance and vulnerability to each weapon type, in particular, Ooze and Scarmiglione are weak to Handgun damage. In Raid Mode, Jill, Parker, Raymond, and O'Brain have inherent skills that make them more effective with Handguns.

List of HandgunsEdit

Image Name Game
BerettaRE1 Beretta Resident Evil
Re2 BrowningHP lg Handgun (Claire's) Resident Evil 2
ITPS 0002 copy Handgun (Leon's) Resident Evil 2
2 Beretta-1 Handgun (Chris') Resident Evil 2
RE2 Colt SAA Colt S.A.A. Resident Evil 2
HandgunRE3 Hand Gun Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Merc's Handgun Merc's Handgun Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
STi STI Eagle 6.0 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Survivor Handgun A-1 Hand Gun A Resident Evil Survivor
HandgunB Hand Gun B Resident Evil Survivor
HandgunC Hand Gun C Resident Evil Survivor
HandgunD Hand Gun D Resident Evil Survivor
RECV Beretta 93R Handgun (Claire's) Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
Glock17CVX Handgun (Chris') Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
Calico M-100P Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
GoldLugers Gold Lugers Resident Evil CODE: Veronica
400px-RE0 army handgun Handgun (RE0 Billy) (Billy) Resident Evil 0
RE0 STARS handgun Handgun (Rebecca) Resident Evil 0
Dead aim beretta Handgun Resident Evil: Dead Aim
Dead aim gun Silenced Handgun Resident Evil: Dead Aim
Semiautohg Semi-Automatic Handgun Resident Evil: Dead Aim
REOF1 45 Auto for Kevin 45 Auto for Kevin Resident Evil Outbreak series
Beretta HANDGUN Resident Evil Outbreak series
Outbreak Beretta 92F HANDGUN FOR MARK Resident Evil Outbreak series
Outbreak Browning Handgun Handgun HP Resident Evil Outbreak series
Handgunsg Handgun SG Resident Evil Outbreak series
Handgungl Handgun GL Resident Evil Outbreak series
Bursthandgun Burst Handgun Resident Evil Outbreak series
Revolver Revolver Resident Evil Outbreak series
RE4 shop Handgun Handgun Resident Evil 4
Red 9 Red9 Resident Evil 4
Punisher close 1 Punisher Resident Evil 4
Blacktail Blacktail Resident Evil 4
Matilda Matilda Resident Evil 4
Bursthandgun Burst Handgun Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Matilda Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
RE592F HG M92F (HG) Resident Evil 5
RE5P8 H&K P8 (HG) Resident Evil 5
RE5SIG SIG P226 (HG) Resident Evil 5
RE5M93R M93R (HG) Resident Evil 5
RE59000 PX4 (HG) Resident Evil 5
Weapon img501 Handgun M92F Resident Evil: Revelations
Weapon img502 Handgun Government Resident Evil: Revelations
Weapon img503 Handgun G18 Resident Evil: Revelations
Handgun PC356 Handgun PC356 Resident Evil: Revelations
Jill gun Jill's Samurai Edge Resident Evil: Revelations (Port only)
Parker gun Parker's Government Resident Evil: Revelations (Port only)
Jessica gun Jessica's G18 Resident Evil: Revelations (Port only)
Wingshooter Wing Shooter Resident Evil 6
Picador Picador Resident Evil 6
Nine-Oh-Nine & 9mm Ammo Nine-Oh-Nine (909) Resident Evil 6
Tripleshot Triple Shot Resident Evil 6
Handgun HP REORC Handgun HP Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Matilda REORC Matilda Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
UBCS REORC UBCS Standard Issue Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
UBCS silnced REORC UBCS Silenced Issue Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Handgun REORC Handgun Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Handgun SP REORC Handgun SP Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Lightning hawk REORC Lightning Hawk Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Samurai Edge REORC Samurai Edge Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Handgun MPM Resident Evil: Revelations 2
Handgun P10 Resident Evil: Revelations 2
G18 Resident Evil: Revelations 2
Grey Fox Umbrella Corps
Blackjack Umbrella Corps
MPM Handgun Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
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