"An automatic that fires .40SW rounds."
— Examine description

Barry's Custom Samurai Edge can be unlocked after beating the game on Normal or Hard difficulty in under 5 hours. It is featured with a heavy slide, a compensator, and an extended magazine. It has unlimited ammunition, does not need to be reloaded, and fires in 3-Round Burst. The weapon fires .40SW rounds rather than the 9mm rounds that the Handgun uses. This Samurai Edge model has a higher chance to perform a critical hit if the player does not use the 3-Round Burst function.

After unlocking the weapon and saving the game afterward to create a Cleared Save file, the player will find the infinite ammo Samurai Edge alongside the Handgun in their inventory when they next start a new game loaded from that Cleared Save file. However, if/once the player has completed the game in under 3 hours, it will be replaced with the infinite Rocket Launcher in the inventory and the Samurai Edge can be found in the Item Box.


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