The Handgun is available in Resident Evil 0. It is S.T.A.R.S. member Rebecca Chambers' own Samurai Edge.


The Handgun will be part of Rebecca's default loadout in the main game and in Leech Hunter. It holds 15 bullets at a time. A second Handgun can also be found in Leech Hunter in the Drawing room that is fully loaded.

It works well on zombies and other lesser enemies usually causing them to flinch, but is not suitable for when facing larger enemies, such as Hunters as they have much more health and tend not to flinch as easily.

When combined with the Handgun Parts, the weapon will be called the Custom Handgun. Visually, it adds a small scope on top of the weapon. It increases the chances of scoring a critical hit on enemies and allows it to be fired faster.

  • Examine: Handgun
"The standard equipment for S.T.A.R.S. officers. It uses 9mm parabellum rounds."
  • Examine: Custom Handgun
"A custom handgun that's been fitted with a scope for greater accuracy. These modifications should make it easier to hit a target's weak point."


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