The Handgun (ハンドガン handogan?) is the starting weapon in Resident Evil 4. If it is sold during the game, it can be purchased from the Merchant for 8,000₧. Handgun uses Handgun Ammo and it takes up 6 spaces in Leon's inventory (3x2). Of all the handguns, it has the most unsteady aiming in the game. However, it is the cheapest to upgrade. This weapon is always shown during cutscenes where Leon uses a handgun.

Resident Evil 4

The Handgun's Exclusive upgrade multiplies its critical headshot ability by 5 times. This makes the gun ideal for shooting ganados in the head.

The Handgun appears in the Shooting Range mini-game. It is part of the “Sniping” weapons set. Here it has a capacity of 16 rounds, default firepower, and reloading speed 1.47.

The gun also appears in the Mercenaries mini-game as part of Albert Wesker's load out. His Handgun is fully upgraded and comes equipped with a removable Silencer. The Silencer takes up 2x1 blocks of inventory. With the Silencer equipped, the sound of each shot is noticeably dampened. Using it causes Ganado to not be automatically alerted to Wesker's presence. This allows the player to covertly take out Ganado until one of them raises the alarm. However, the Silencer will still keep the Garrador from hearing the gunshots in Stage 2.

Tune up chart

Fire Speed and Reload Speed are given in seconds.

The Handgun costs 206,000 Pesetas to buy and fully upgrade or 198,000 to upgrade if the gun is kept from the start of a new game.

Level Fire Power Cost Fire Speed Cost Reload Speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 1.0 N/A 0.47 N/A 1.73 N/A 10 N/A
2 1.2 7,000₧ 0.40 5,000₧ 1.47 4,000₧ 13 4,000₧
3 1.4 10,000₧ 0.33 12,000₧ 0.87 10,000₧ 16 6,000₧
4 1.6 15,000₧ 19 8,000₧
5 1.8 18,000₧ 22 10,000₧
6 2.0 20,000₧ 25 12,000₧
Exclusive 2.0 57,000₧ Increases the chance of critical headshots by 5 times.


  • Examine: Handgun
"A standard 9mm handgun."
  • Fully upgraded Examine: Handgun
"No longer your average handgun, it's chance of critical headshots is increased by 5x."
  • Examine: Handgun w/ Silencer
"A silenced version of the custom-tuned 9mm handgun. It's chance of critical headshots is increased by 5x."
  • Exclusive
"Increases the chance of critical by 5 times."


  • Due to the Handgun's light damage, it is not ideal for taking out tougher enemies, Ganados with masks, or bosses. Against the regular Ganado, this weapon is great for headshots.
  • The likelihood for a critical headshot is estimated to be somewhere between 5-10%. With the exclusive upgrade, the Handgun can presumably have a 25-50% chance for a critical headshot.
  • A critical headshot will instantly kill the enemy. The plagas will still appear, but less often. Enemy plagas are also affected by the critical headshot chance.
  • The critical headshot Exclusive of the weapon is not always consistent, so be prepared to shoot an enemy's head several times.
  • It is worth noting that the Handgun will usually use less ammo than the Blacktail or the Red9 if the player is always aiming for the head.
  • The handgun is the most unstable handgun (aside from the Red9 without the stock) in the game. This can make it difficult to perform headshots at long range or even medium range if the player isn't being careful.
  • The best way to master this weapon is to practice in the Shooting Range (use the Sniping set). With infinite ammo, the player can keep practicing with the Handgun until he/she is able to cope with its unsteadiness and score headshots at long range.

Further notes

Chris with the handgun in the early Resident Evil 5 teaser trailer.

  • "Silver Ghost" is the unofficial name of Leon's handgun, and is referred to as such outside RE4.
  • In the PlayStation 2 version of Resident Evil 4, part of the handgun's barrel is missing. When equipped with a suppressor, the missing part reappears.
  • A glitch appears in the PlayStation 2 version. If Leon equips his fully-upgraded Handgun and then slashes an enemy's head with his knife, sometimes the knife will share the same critical headshot damage as the Handgun. This glitch allows the player to one-hit kill an enemy with a single knife slash to their head, which is useful when the player wants to save some ammo.
    • On a rare occasion, the same knife damage glitch will also kill a Plaga in one hit although players should be careful not to get hit by the Plaga's attacks while doing this.
  • The Handgun returns in the Resident Evil Degeneration movie as Leon's primary weapon.
  • Leon's gun appears in the first teaser trailer for Resident Evil 5, where Chris uses one outfitted with a compensator. It is left out in the final version of the game. Chris uses this weapon with some of his attacks in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.
  • The likeness of the weapon is used for the Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game card Silver Ghost.



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