"9mm Parabellum handgun bullets. The most common of bullets, they are favored for their stable flight trajectory and moderate recoil."
— Inventory description - English
— Inventory description - Japanese

Handgun Ammo is an ammunition type in Resident Evil 2 remake. This ammunition type is retrievable in Leon's campaign for his handgun, Matilda, and in Claire's campaign for her handgun, SLS 60.


Handgun Ammo is the standard ammunition for Handguns such as Matilda, SLS 60, JMB Hp3, Broom Hc, MUP, Samurai Edge (Albert Model), Samurai Edge (Chris Model), Samurai Edge (Jill Model) and Samurai Edge (Original Model). In addition, they can be found at various locations only in the [1st] scenario of the game, but can be crafted by combining two Gunpowders,[1] two Large Gunpowders or one Gunpowder with one Large Gunpowder in both the [1st] and [2nd] scenario.


  • Inside the right locker separating the Break Room (Leon only) (x15).
  • On the barrels underneath the Fire Escape's stairs (x12).
  • On the table in the Interrogation Room's southeast corner (x13).
  • On the body of the dead police officer next to the East office's southern windows (x10).
  • On the dead body in the Press Room's middle (x10).
  • On the metal shelves at the back of the small room to the left of the Press Room (zombies must spawn in the corridor in order to open this room) (x5).
  • Main hall:
    • 1F: On the reception desk (Assisted and Standard Modes only) (x3).
    • 2F: On the seats in the southwest corner (x3).
  • On the seats in the Reception's middle (x11).
  • On one of the small chair desks in the Operations Room's northeast area (x7).
  • On the dead body at the northern dead end of corridor next to the Safety Deposit Room and East office (x5).
  • Inside the locker in Safety Deposit Room labelled "109" (x9).
  • Inside the locker in the southwest corner of the East office's main room (x3).
  • Inside the right locker in the Dark-room's northwest corner (Assisted and Standard Modes only) (x4).
  • On the dead body next to the shutter in the southeast corner next to the Shower Room (x5).
  • Underneath the leftmost movable bookcase in the Library's northwest corner (x12).
  • On the shrink-wrapped cardboard box next to the locker at the 3F floor of the Police Station, west side (x8).
  • On the wooden shelves on the West Storage Room's west side (x8).
  • Inside the locker on the area's west wall in-between the East Storage Room and the Balcony (x8).
  • On the red seat in the Roof's southeast corner (x7).
  • On the filing cabinet in the Jail's southeast corner (Leon only) (x7).
  • Machinery Room, Lower floor:
    • On top of the crates in the southeast section (x15).
    • On top of a barrel in the southwest section (x14).
    • On the machinery covered with a tarpaulin in the northwest section (x14).
  • On the shelves in the Gun Shop's northwest corner (Leon only) (x5).
  • Sewer Entrance (Leon only):
    • Behind the grate blocking the tunnel in the southwest corner (x8).
    • On the barrels next to the stairs on the northern platform (x5).
  • Container Room (Ada only):
    • On the barrels at the west end of the entry walkway above the complex (x12).
    • On the large wooden crate in the northwest corner of the complex (x15).
  • On the bench in the Ventilation Room's middle (x10).
  • On a pile of trash in the Upper Waterway's southwest pool area (x10).
  • On a chair next to the control panel on the Monitor Room's north side (Assisted and Standard Modes only) (x8).
  • On the ground next to the crane switch on the west side of the Proposed Water Purification Room's platform (x15).
  • On the lathe in the Workroom's southeast corner (x10).
  • Inside the left locker in the Worker's Break Room's southwest corner (x10).
  • On one of the dining tables in the Cafeteria's middle (x15).
  • Inside the locker on the southern wall of the room next to the Lobby (x15).
  • Bioreactors Room:
    • On the canister trolley in the southeast area (2 boxes) (x25).
    • On the canister trolley in the northwest area (x25).
    • On a canister trolley in the southwest corner (x25).
  • On the ground next to all the debris in the north west corner of the Duct's lower platform (x15).
  • On the table in the north west area of the Lift's platform (Leon only) (x25).


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