Handgun G18 is a weapon featured in Resident Evil Revelations. Jessica Sherawat is equipped with this weapon during the Veltro conspiracy however

during the Terragrigia Panic, she is instead, equipped with the Handgun PC356

Gameplay Edit

Handgun G18 stats
Firepower 120
Auto Fire 1.20
Capacity 16
Custom Slots 3

G18 stats
Firepower 100
Firing Speed 6.00
Capacity 28
Slot 3

It has a fastest firing rate than other handguns having a 1.20 Rate of Fire but has a weak firepower having only a 120 Firepower with a capacity of 28.

In campaign on Infernal Mode, Keith can find this weapon during Episode 9-1. It has capacity of 28 rounds and maximum 80 spare rounds. Also, this weapon can be obtained after scanning all 30 hidden handprints, so it can be used in Episode 12-2 against Ultimate Abyss and after that it can be used in further completion of game if playing "New Game+".

In Raid Mode, the stats are generally the same as in the Campaign but varies depending on the player's level. It is found rarely in the store, usually with a very fast rate of fire and a high capacity.

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