"A handgun made of a super-tough polymer."
— Item description

The Handgun GL is a Handgun that can be found in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is based on the real life Glock 17, which is also the basis for Chris' handgun in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica and Resident Evil Survivor's "Hand Gun A".


The Handgun GL has one of the largest ammo capacities of the handguns in the Outbreak series, holding sixteen rounds in its magazine.

The Handgun GL's firepower is somewhat weaker than of the Handgun, but Alyssa and Kevin can use the Pot-Shot ability to increase the damage as a per-shot basis. It uses special GL Magazines.


On story-based scenarios, the Handgun GL is found exclusively on the Underbelly scenario on HARD and VERY HARD. On the minigames of File #2, its appearance is exclusive to Elimination 1 on all difficulties.




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