Handgun M92F is Jill Valentine's starting handgun in Resident Evil Revelations. It is her primary handgun throughout the campaign and may be the only handgun Jill can acquire without completing any missions. The M92F is seen to be the primary handguns of the B.S.A.A. in Revelations as it is seen held by Chris, Jill and Keith Lumley.


Handgun M92F stats
Firepower 150
Auto Fire 0.80
Capacity 10
Custom Slots 3

M92F stats
A balanced weapon with average performance.
Firepower 150
Firing Speed 1.58
Capacity 10
Slot 3

The Handgun M92F has a starting firepower of 150, a firing rate of 0.80, 10 rounds capacity and 3 customization slots. Since Chris and Keith cannot use the Customization Benches, it is unknown if their handguns are statistically identical to Jill's. Compared to other handguns it is the most balanced.

In Raid Mode, the M92F is still the most well-rounded of the handgun available, usually offering three customization slots with decent firepower, firing rate and capacity. In the port version, its rare variant is called the Revelator.

On Resident, users could receive a M92F Lv.1 slot 4 via Present Codes with the code "abyss" for the Port.

Recommended Custom PartsEdit

As the Handgun M92F only has 3 customization slots, it is recommended to fill the slots with these parts:

  • Damage 1-5
  • Long Magazine 1-5
  • Daze 2