Handgun Magazine is an ammunition type in Resident Evil Outbreak.


Every firearm in the series possesses an initial magazine inside; but to reload it, each cartridge must be manually placed inside the gun by holding down the reload button or combining the ammo box with the weapon in the menu. The reload process can take a long time, depending on the number of bullets spent and the clip capacity.

Handgun Magazines are extra magazines found in-game, initially fully loaded with handgun bullets. By using Magazines, reloading Handguns can be done in an instant.

Pressing the reload button or combining the item with the weapon will exchange the gun's old magazine for the new magazine, leaving the used one in the inventory. To refill empty or partially empty magazines, combine Handgun bullets with the item in the menu.

  • If the player presses the reload button, the magazine with the most rounds inside the player's inventory will be used to reload. (Example: If a handgun has an empty magazine, and the player has one fully loaded magazine and one partially loaded magazine in his/her inventory, the fully loaded one will be used)
  • If the player uses the inventory menu to combine the magazine with the gun for reloading, the player can reload with any magazine, irrespective of bullet amount.


Each handgun has its own magazine that can be found in-game. Different magazines types are incompatible with other guns.



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