The Hangar is a location in Resident Evil 5, featured in Chapter 6-3. Here Chris and Sheva will have to battle the Superhuman Wesker, in attempt to poison him with an PG67A/W. After successfully done, Wesker quickly aboard into an aircraft attempt to escape where Chris and Sheva would followed also. The two would continue their fight against Wesker inside the aircraft before crashing into a volcano.


Albert Wesker is capable of dodging all attacks during this battle, just like the previous battle inside the Monarch Room in Chapter 5-3. Player must stay out of his sight, to perform any sort of attacks.

Hangar (16)

One of the control panels which can be use to turn off the floodlight.

Player first task is to run into three control panels on the lower lever to disable the floodlights above. There will be crates alongside the control panels, each containing random items inside. A fourth panel in the northwest corner will be found broken, though player/co-op partner can collect the RPG-7 NVS after smashing the glass panel not far from it.[1]

If player get to close to Wesker, he will perform a melee attack, though it can be dodged by pressing the necessary button prompts. His grab assault will drain health at an alarming rate. Wesker will also try to fire his gun which will stunned player, doing major damage at the same time.

Hangar (25)

While Wesker is briefly stunned, Chris must restrain Wesker as Sheva attempt to inject him with the PG67A/W.

Player must run out of Wesker sight before firing the RPG-7 NVS right at him. In co-op, a player can distract Wesker while the other uses the RPG-7 NVS. Once player can get a clear view of Wesker back, fire the rocket which Wesker will catch it. Quickly drop the RPG-7 NVS and shoot the rocket before Wesker can bring the explosive under control. Once Wesker is briefly stunned, player must press the necessary button prompts rapidly to restrain Wesker while the other attempt to inject him with the PG67A/W. During the first attempt, Wesker will avoid this and throw Chris on the ground. Player must use the same strategy in order to defeat Wesker. Player can find more RPG rounds located on the upper walkway on the Hangar. Player can climb the ladder and follow the walkway passage until they find a glass panel containing five RPG rounds inside.

Wesker's assault bomber (1)

The aircraft.

Once player successfully inject Wesker with the PG67A/W, a cutscene will play showing Wesker aboarding an aircraft while being pursuit by Chris and Sheva.

Later, player must face Albert Wesker in a Quick-time Event inside the aircraft. Player must press the necessary button prompts to either dodge or counterattack Wesker assault. Fail to press the button will resulting Wesker killing either Chris/Sheva, causing an instant death.


Location Localization Action Original Script
The broken switch for the light It's broken! Investigate



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