Prime universe
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"W-What should I do?! "
— Harry panics after losing fellow RPD officers Eric and Elliott.

Harry was an officer of the Raccoon Police Department. He assisted in the evacuation of several survivors from the besieged precinct with the use of a tactical van. His fate following the evacuation of the survivors on the 28th remains unknown.


When the t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's water supply, tens of thousands of people mutated into zombies on Thursday 24 September. The RPD was ill-prepared to tackle the crisis, but did the best it could, sending out many officers in groups to tackle the threat while also evacuating people to the Raccoon Police Station which they intended to make a fortress.

Harry was paired up with Eric and Elliott, and received orders to participate in an operation to massacre the Zombies. The three travelled to Main Street and began placing explosive charges across the road while more and more Zombies began congregating. The Zombies finally broke through the police barricades as the explosives were ready to be set off, and Eric and Elliott were killed. Unprepared for such a situation, outnumbered and cut off from the explosives, Harry could only retreat to the footbridge. He was joined by fellow survivors from Jack's Bar, who helped set-off the explosives on his behalf.[1] When an RPD relief force made their way into the area, Harry left to perform other tasks in a police van.

What his actions involved over the next few days in unknown, but around Monday 28 September he received word from officer Rita Philips to help evacuate the police station, but arrived to find it in dire situation and only evacuated her.[2] Whether or not the two succeeded in escaping Raccoon City, Arklay County and the exclusion zone is unknown.


"Kevin? You've shown up just in time! Please help me! Here, you can use this gun! Please!"
— Harry encounters Kevin and the survivors on Main Street.

Harry is unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak by beating the "Outbreak" scenario on HARD mode. He is bought alongside Elliott and Eric for 5000 points.[3] In File 2, this character set can be bought for much cheaper and transferred to the original game via data convert, thus unlocking him for much cheaper.

He is a George-type character. His stats are as follows:

  • A low Vitality of between 900 and 1200.
  • An infection rate of 1.34% per minute
  • a movement speed of 0.57
  • a damage multiplier X0.84

He starts with a Green and Blue Herb mix and in FINE status.[4]

Quotes Edit

"ケ、 ケビンじゃないか! いいところに来てくれたよ!
お…俺たち、 友達だろ? 助けてくれよ!
なぁ、 頼むよ! 起爆装置を押しに行ってくれ!
そこの、 エリックの側だ! 爆薬が仕掛けてあるだろ?
こ、 この統を貨してやるから! 頼むよ!!
お…俺はココを死守する! だから早く!
— Harry, to Kevin in "Outbreak" (Japanese)

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