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Harvardville (ハーバードヴィル?) was a city in the United States. Very much like Raccoon City, it had a population of 100,000 and housed a powerful bioresearch company, in this case WP Corporation.[1]


Harvardville is known to have fallen into economic stagnation in the early 1990s. This changed thanks to the arrival of the WP Corporation into the town. Though the pharmaceutical corporation greatly revived the town, it effectively transformed it into a closed community where citizens were reluctant to question company actions.[2] Following the 2002 emergency authorisation of WP's prototype t-Virus vaccine in India, Congress passed a stimulus bill to construct a new state-of-the-art research complex known as the Air Dome Laboratory on the outskirts of the city. With the increase in jobs offered by the facility, WP's powerbase in the city became near-absolute. In mid-2005, humanitarian and anti-bioweapon NGO TerraSave received leaked photographs of the 2002 attack and released them publicly on the mistaken belief they were from a later clinical trial. From August onward the Harvardville Police Department was on alert to shut down by protests in the city or outside the Air Dome Laboratory and, although most locals were reluctant to protest, there was constant concern of protestors coming in from out-of-town.[2] The most difficult projected time for the HPD was set for mid-November, when a large-scale TerraSave protest was set to take place in the lead-up to the highly publicised National Pharmaceutical Congress.[2]

Terrorist incidents[]

In late 2005, Harvardville was the centre of a bioterrorism conspiracy orchestrated by Drs. Frederic Downing and Curtis Miller. The attacks were designed for shock-and-awe, taking advantage of the heightened press coverage; Downing was the mastermind of this operation, with Miller serving as the fall, unaware of who he was working for or his true motives. The first target was Atmos Airlines Flight N538-GA bound for Harvardville, where a WP employee was infected prior to boarding, leading to an outbreak on the plane. At Harvardville Airport itself, Miller infected several members of the public and set them loose to cause a stampede in front of the media.[1]

Following the demonstration of the virus to the media, the second phase of the operation began with the destruction of data and specimens. When emergency use of t-Vaccine was ordered, WP's entire stock was sent out to the airport; the truck containing any surplus stock was then destroyed in a truck bombing. Downing then brought over TerraSave activist Claire Redfield to the Air Dome Laboratory, where she was to serve as a witness to his apparent death via a bomb supposedly set off by Miller in a BSL-4 lab, which in truth had been set up by Downing. Meanhile, Miller himself set multiple fires across Harvardville in order to distract emergency services away from the Air Dome. However, the plan changed when upon meeting in the lab Miller expressed reservation about releasing the t-Virus into Harvardville itself, as he didn't want to cause the same horror that had occurred in Raccoon City to his hometown. Seeing an end to his usefulness Downing decided to abandon Miller at the Air Dome, but not before giving him a sample of the G-Virus to use as a final protest to expose the truth of Raccoon City. In truth however Downing had given Miller the virus in hopes of using Miller's mutation to gather combat data on the G-Virus in order to sell it to an interested client. Setting up the facility's CCTV system to record Miller infecting himself with G-Virus and his later combat with a US Army Ranger unit. Downing activated the bombs timer and left the building, before calling Redfield in his office to establish his apparent death just as the bomb detonated. Following Miller's death, the clues left behind led USSTRATCOM agent Leon S. Kennedy to Downing's location, where he was planning to hand over the company's sole remaining samples of t-Virus and the t-Vaccine to an interested client, along with G-Virus combat data gained from Miller's mutation at an extra cost.[1]

In the aftermath of the scandal, information disclosed to the public collapsed WP Corporation's stock, and it was acquired by TRICELL. What became of Harvardville after the acquisition is not known, as it was intimately linked to the company.


Harvardville was a small city with an estimated size of 100,000 in the 2000s.


The city was heavily financed by the WP Corporation, a pharmaceuticals company based in the United States. The economic prosperity in the town is correlated with this company's presence and financing, and citizens such as Senator Ron Davis are investors in this company. The Harvardville Airport also transformed the city into a hub for air traffic.


Harvardville lies at the foot of a mountainous region, with isolated houses located higher up.


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