Prime universe
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Inside Harvardville Airport

Harvardville Airport was an American airport located in the Midwest. It was one of two places attacked by bioterrorist Dr. Curtis Miller in 2005.


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The airport was the epicenter of a t-Virus outbreak in late 2005, caused by Dr. Miller as a means of threatening the US government into releasing classified information regarding the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident. This coincided with a TerraSave protest over Senator Ron Davis' ties to WilPharma, the company responsible for a controversial vaccine trial in India. More importantly, this meant live television coverage of the initial Zombie attacks. An aeroplane, also contaminated by the virus, crashed into the airport terminal. In the night, Harvardville PD sent in their S.R.T. special forces team to rescue uninfected survivors ahead of an Army Ranger assault on anyone inside suffering from Cannibal Disease.[1]



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