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Harvardville Airport was an American airport located in the midwestern American city of Harvardville. It was one of two places in the city that were attacked in a series of t-Virus outbreaks that were orchestrated by former TerraSave activist Dr. Curtis Miller in 2005.


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The airport was the epicentre of a t-Virus outbreak in late 2005. This outbreak was caused by local Harvardville resident and former TerraSave activist, Dr. Curtis Miller, who had been attempting to expose the WP Corporation for their illegal experiments and testing of the virus within the city. Unfortunately, Dr. Miller's extremist actions against the company only led to his arrest and public disassociation from the NGO.

Seeing little alternative, Dr. Miller (with the help of an insider) managed to obtain samples of the t-Virus and staged two bioterror attacks within the city: one at the airport, and another at the WP Corporation's own Air Dome Laboratory. This was done as a means of both: a) exposing the WP Corporation's experiments and usage of the t-Virus, and b) using the chaos to demand the United States government release classified information retaining to their involvement, funding, and dealings with the Umbrella Corporation's illicit research that led to the disaster in Raccoon City.

The outbreak at the airport coincided with a TerraSave protest over Senator Ron Davis' ties to the WP Corporation, which had conducted an inhumane and controversial vaccine trial in India. More importantly, this meant live television news coverage of the initial zombie attacks which further gave weight to Miller's demands. Claire Redfield, a TerraSave member and survivor of Raccoon City, had also just arrived at the airport from Columbus, looking to meet up with Rani Chawla's Aunt. An airplane, contaminated by the virus, crashed into the airport terminal.

Unbeknownst to Miller, his actions were also part of a greater scheme by rogue the WP Corporation (formerly Umbrella) employee Frederic Downing, who sought to use the publicity of the incident to showcase the potency and value of the company's T-vaccine to potential buyers and profit off it's increased demand.

In the night, Harvardville Police sent in their S.R.T. special forces team, consisting of Angela Miller and Greg Glenn and led by Leon S. Kennedy (a USSTRATCOM agent sent directly by the White House) to rescue a group of uninfected survivors, including the senator, who had been trapped in the building's west wing lounge. The rescue operation commenced just minutes ahead of a total sweep of the building by the 75th Ranger Regiment that was ordered to purge anything or anyone still left in the building.[1]