Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Inside Harvardville Airport

Harvardville Airport was an American airport. In 2005, a bio-terrorist attack used it as their ready point for the spreading of the t-Virus to the world.


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In 2005, an outbreak of the t-virus occurred inside the Harvardville International Airport, made worse by an airliner infested with zombies crashing into the terminal. The Harvardville Airport Police were the first responders to the incident but all officers fell back after the Police Chief was killed.


Zombies in the Airport

A group of survivors, including Senator Ron Davis, Claire Redfield, and Rani Chawla, escaped the initial chaos of the first t-Virus infection and fled to the VIP room. An S.R.T. rescue team, led by Leon S. Kennedy, spearheaded a rescue effort to recover the survivors. One of the S.R.T. members, Greg Glenn, was infected, but thanks to his efforts, the rest of the survivors escaped successfully. The Marines apparently eliminated the rest of the zombies.



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