The alternative police force that served the Harvardville Airport. More elite than a security force, this small department handled baggage checking and protection to the travelers. They are suggested to have a mounted tactical unit that handles riots or terrorism. The uniform of the officers were shown to be a dark sky blue shirt with a tie along with black faintly striped pants and shoes with a regular police utility belt.

The unnamed Police Chief of the airport was responsible with backup protection of senator Ron Davis when he arrived at the airport where many angered protesters awaited him. Davis demanded the chief arrest the protesters if necessary which couldn't happen because of no legal grounds. The chief later arrested a protester in a zombie mask taunting the senator and went to arrest another "protester" only to find it really was a zombie. The chief was killed and a deadly outbreak of the t-Virus surfaced even before a plane full of zombies crashed into the terminal. The airport police were the first responders but were ordered to evacuate when higher authorities arrived.

Further notes

  • Some assume that the Airport Police are nothing more than just security officers with plain procedures however airport police forces are all made up of sworn and trained officers of the law that are deputised with powers of arrest. Most airports have both police and security.
  • In a teaser for Resident Evil: Degeneration, a mounted airport police officer in SWAT-like clothing is shown battling a zombie with a fully automatic gun but no mounted division is seen in the actual film.


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