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Departamento de Policia de Harvardville

The H.P.D. arresting Frederic Downing.

The local police force for the city of Harvardville. Like any other police force, their duty was to serve and protect the city. They have an elite team on the force called the Special Response Team

Patrol Team[]

The patrol team is the background of the department. They are in charge of handling crimes ranging from litering to shootings (however the S.R.T. most likely assists them in those types of crimes). They arrested Curtis Miller when he threatened WP Corporation.

Special Response Team[]

The special tactics team; similar to SWAT, they carried heavy duty weapons and were trained in combat and rescue, making them somewhat similar to the Special Tactics And Rescue Service of Raccoon City. Angela Miller was part of this team.


The regular patrol officers wore dark navy blue shirts and pants. It is unknown if it was required but all officers wore black ties and all shirts were long sleeved. They had on black shoes and used a standard utility belt. Some wore an H.P.D. baseball cap-like hat, too.

The S.R.T. officers wore a black tactical uniform in one zip up piece. They wore black cargo vests with black combat boots and a utility belt.


It is unknown what the sidearm of the patrol officers was. The S.R.T. used a variety of special force guns such as the Heckler and Koch MP5 and M4 rifles.

Harvardville outbreak[]

Before the t-Virus broke out in the Harvardville Airport, patrol officers were guarding the building from the outside. Protestors were attempting to enter the airport to confront Senator Ron Davis. When the outbreak started, the Harvardville Airport Police were the first responders while the city police most likely evacuated survivors. When the State Board of Health arrived with the Marines, the patrol unit was charged with guarding the perimeter of the quarantine zone while the S.R.T. went in to save the Senator and Claire Redfield. Once them and other uninfected were out of the hot zone, control went directly to the military.

After the outbreak at the Air Dome Laboratory, the city police arrested Frederic Downing.