"片手で持てる消化用[sic][notes 1] の斧 接近戦でなら武器としても [...][notes 2]"
— Item examination - Japanese

"A fire axe that can be held in one hand. When it comes to close-quarter combat [...] as a weapon."
— Item examination - unofficial translation

The Hatchet (手斧 teono?) is a weapon which was intended to appear in Resident Evil 0 during its GameCube stage of development but was removed in the final release. You can get it in the Biohazard 0 TRIAL EDITION with the help of cheat devices such as Action Replay MAX or GameShark; however, it does nothing and lacks a 3d model as well.


  1. 消火用 (shōkayō) is misspelt in the game as 消化用 (shōkayō)
  2. It is very likely that the second half of the examination text is missing.
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