Having Difficulties? is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


Readable at the Vestibule's book by default.


Having Difficulties?

There are a few things you can do if you're having trouble clearing a mission or getting that one medallion.

Level Up Your Character

Things will seem a lot easier if your level is higher than that of your enemies.
Additionally, you should be able to breeze through even difficult missions so long as your level is higher than the mission's recommended level.

Finally, upgrading your skills and acquiring new ones might just give you the edge needed to win.

Get Better Weapons

Have you been running around fighting with the same old weapon the whole time?
Weapons have levels, and the higher your weapon's level, the
better it performs.

You can find weapons in treasure boxes or you can buy them in the store (the Vestibule's black phone).

However, be aware that if your weapon is a higher level than your character, the weapon will not perform to its highest capabilities.

Try Online Co-op

If you're still having trouble, then why not jump online and look for help?

With a partner, you'll have double the firepower to get you through those tougher missions.★

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