"An emblem carved with a hawk symbol. It appears to be made of pure gold."
— Item examination - English
"鷹の絵が刻まれたエンブレム純金製のようだ "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Hawk Emblem (鷹のエンブレム taka no enburemu?) is an event item in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. It is in the shape of a hawk gripping a halberd. A snake is wrapped around the halberd with part of the snake in the hawk's beak.


The emblem is used as a key to open doors into the Island's facility. Claire will have to use the emblem in conjunction with TG-01 Alloy to create an Alloy Emblem to get the item through a metal detector.


This emblem is found inside a desk drawer inside the Rockfort Island's Prison Security Room.




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