The Headless Fat Molded is an enemy that appears in the Not a Hero DLC of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. They are a variant of the original Fat Molded.


The Headless Fat Molded appeared briefly in 2017, when Chris Redfield encountered them within the Salt Mines frequently. As he passed through various rooms to get the key to unlock the clown doors, some of them ran up to assault him, though he very easily dispatched of them.

The Headless Fat Molded appeared to become inactive prior to Lucas' defeat by the hands of Chris, as not a single one is seen after a brief appearance.


The Headless Fat Molded are exactly alike in appearance to the regular variants, except they lack limbs, as well as a head. They stand around Chris' height and despite being similar in structure to the Fat Molded, they are, in fact, extremely weak to firearms.


The Headless Fat Molded that appear in Not a Hero are unlike the regular Fat Molded. For one, they are extremely weak to damage, as they can be taken down with a simple hit from a shotgun shell or a RAMROD. Secondly, due to the lack of a head, they cannot vomit at Chris whatsoever, and also due to the lack of arms, the only attack it can do is simply run into Chris and explode, dealing very weak damage.

Due to the enemy making a sound to give awareness of its presence, as well as the fact it is really slow, the player will have enough time to either block, deflect, or shoot it down, making it the easiest enemy to defeat in the game.



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