This page contains the health related game mechanics that appear in Resident Evil 2 remake.


Health is a single gauged value that when it reaches 0, the character dies and gameplay concludes as a game over; there is no secondary "dying" state in this game.

Health is divided into different "condition" levels that are visually represented by different ECG signals on the player's status screen that displays a corresponding label, color & heart rate. The ECG signal dynamically appears outside the player's status screen when the health condition has been changed due to inflicted damage or poisoning. The player's condition will also affect the player character's stance.

There are also two health related statuses "poisoned" and defensive buff from certain items.

Healing can only be done by using healing items in the inventory menu. However, entering Raccoon City after the escape from the Mizol Gas Station during the 1st run scenario fully restores the player's health regardless of difficulty.


The following chart provides an overview about the health point values in Resident Evil 2 remake and their associated statuses:

ECG signal Status HP range Character stance
RE2 Remake Status FINE Perfect Condition FINE (Dark green) 1200 (max) Normal and walking
RE2 Remake Status FINE FINE (Light green) 801-1199 Normal and walking
RE2 Remake Status CAUTION CAUTION 361-800 Wounded and walking
RE2 Remake Status DANGER DANGER 1-360 Heavily wounded and limping
RE2 Remake Status POISONED POISONED Assisted, Standard, and 4th Survivor modes:799-1200

Hardcore difficulty:600-1200

Random coughing, which interferes player movement and weapon handling



When poised health gradually decreases and there are also changes in the player character's stance and movement:

  • Randomly coughing, which can interfere player movement and weapon handling (Poisoned)

Once the player's health value has reached a certain threshold, the Poisoned health condition will no longer gradually decrease the health points further. Coughing however will persist until the status has been cured regardless of the player's health points.

While under the effect of poison, healing items won't restore the player's health points beyond the minimum HP values in their respective difficulties. Mixed Herb (G+B) and Mixed Herb (G+R+B) are both an exception from this rule.

In addition to the ECG signal, the status of being poisoned will be displayed outside of the status screen by a dedicated status indicator in the bottom right corner of the screen.
RE2 Remake StatusIndicator POISONED

The following attacks can cause the poison status;

  • G-Adult: Grab attack where they spit over the player character
  • G-Young: Colliding with the player
  • Poison Zombie (The Ghost Survivors): Player character gets bitten by the zombie or colliding with the purple smoke

Reduced Damage

Reduced Damage, also called "Shield State" (シールド状態 shīrudo-jōtai?) in Japanese,[1] is a temporary increase in defense alongside poison immunity gained after using either the Mixed Herb (R+B) or Mixed Herb (G+R+B).

While under the effect of Reduced Damage an icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen to indicate that you will take reduced damage and become immune to poison.
RE2 Remake Damage Shield Full

The green portion of the icon will decrease over time, indicating the time remaining until the effect wears off.
RE2 Remake Damage Shield Diminishing

When the effect is about to go away, the icon will start blinking, and then vanish.


  • The "Frugalist" record is awarded by completing a scenario without using a recovery item.
  • The PS4 version of the game features unique controller lights which changes depending on the character's health, for both "Fine" statuses, the color is green, for "Caution", the color turns orange, and for "Danger", it turns red.
    • During Sherry's segment, the color of the PS4 controller will reflect Claire's condition and not Sherry's. In addition, Sherry's inventory has no health display during her segment.


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