Throughout the Resident Evil series, multiple items have been introduced that can be used to regain one's health.


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Herbs have been a major staple throughout the Resident Evil series when it comes to health recovery.

  • Blue - cures basic poisons.
  • Green - heals injuries.
  • Red - does nothing on its own, (Unless you play the Outbreak games, they stop infection temporarily.) but can multiply the effects of the Green when mixed.
  • Yellow - can increase ones hit points.
  • Purple - (Resident Evil: Gaiden only) cures both poison and health


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First Aid Sprays are valuable health items found throughout the Resident Evil series. When used, They will recover a vast amount of lost health.


  • Found only in the Outbreak series of games, An average Anti-viral pill can halt the spread of the t-virus for a short time. The Large pill on the other hand, can halt it for much longer.


  • In Resident Evil 4, Black Bass can be caught early in the game. Normal sized Bass regain around half of your health, while the Black Bass (L) returns you to full health.
  • Found commonly on dead chickens and snakes in Resident Evil 4/5, Eggs (Excluding Rotten Eggs) can also be consumed for health, The color of the egg determining the amount of health recovered. (Chicken Egg-Low Recovery, Brown Chicken Egg-Medium Recovery, Gold Chicken Egg-Full Recovery)

Base medicine

recovery medicine base - [ Resident evil outbreak only] heals characters the way recovery pills do

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