Health Tablets are the main healing item in Resident Evil 6. They are made by condensing herbs into small, easy-to-swallow tablets.

Each health tablet restores a single square of life for the user. Using a health tablet near a partner will restore their life by half a square.

A player may consume health tablets proportional to the amount of life the player has lost, so long as the player has enough tablets. Aside from restoring health, it is also used to restore stamina regardless whether the character's health is full or not.

Health tablets may also be used to revive a dying partner, and multiple health tablets can be given to said partner up to a maximum of six, in which case their health will be fully restored. (note: that the reviver will gain half a square for each one he gives to his partner).

The partner character can also revive you with health tablets only if the player has equipped the Field Medic skill.


Herbs may be combined together to give a varying amount of Health Tablets. The amounts given are:


Health Tablets

Leon Scott Kennedy reviving Helena Harper with Health Tablets

The number of health tablets a player currently has are indicated in the HUD by a leaf next to a number that represents the amount of tablets that the player currently has.

Tablets are used by pressing RB button Xbox (XBOX360) / PlayStation R2 button (PS3) / 1 (PC) with each press adding a single tablet to the player's hand, up to six tablets may be used this way depending on how much health the player has lost and on the number of tablets that the player currently has.

Tablets are refilled by storing herbs in the tablet case from the inventory menu or by pressing RB button Xbox+X button Xbox (Xbox) / PlayStation R2 button+PlayStation square button (PS3) / H (PC) without opening the inventory menu. The player can hold a maximum of 17 health tablets only if the player has 11 health tablets. The player will be prevented from adding additional tablets if they have more than 11 tablets.

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