Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Hector was a police officer working for the Raccoon Police Department who died during the viral outbreak in Raccoon City. He was also friends with the officer and interrogator Wes Drucker.


When Raccoon City was consumed by an outbreak caused by the leak of the t-Virus in the drinking water that turned thousands into zombies, the Raccoon Police Station was compromised in the subsequent chaos that caused the almost complete decimation of its police force.

Being one of the policemen who were trapped in the building during the almost constant invasions of infected in the enclosure, he worked with Wes during the patrols and was responsible for keeping the Safety Deposit Room Key. At some point in time between 26 and 28 September, Hector would be sought by Wes, who intended to use explosives to make way for the other side of the police station and as such, wanted to use a battery that was in the Safety Deposit Room. However, Wes ended up being infected and before die left a note for Hector hoping he could escape the police station.[1] What happened to Hector subsequently is unknown, but is presumed that he ended up dying before even knew about Wes' final fate as Hector was unable to continue his friend's plan.


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