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Heisenberg's Factory was a massive complex located within an Eastern European mountain range on the outskirts of a small village. It was run by Karl Heisenberg in the 2020s.


The factory was originally constructed in the late 19th century under the Heisenberg family, and appears to have originally been a coal mine. The factory was visited by Norshteyn, a craftsman who resided in the village, who made a model of it.[1]

Under the ownership of the original foreman's descendant, Karl Heisenberg, it was repurposed as a weapons research facility. Deep underground, Heisenberg and a team of assistants experimented on the recently deceased, reviving them to a degree with Cadou parasites to serve as bioweapons, and saw a variety of mechanical augmentations to serve a series of roles from labourers to rank-and-file soldiers to special forces. The first of the three, known as the Haulers, were unsuitable for combat and relegated to support and non-combat roles such as mining to allow more additions to the factory. Heisenberg's ultimate plan was to mass-produce bio-weapons to rise up against Mother Miranda, the leader of the village.

In February 2021, the factory was infiltrated by a rogue BSAA unit, the "Hound Wolves", who planted explosives to cripple Heisenberg's war plans. When civilian Ethan Winters discovered their plans, Cpt. Chris Redfield repaired a self-propelled artillery for use in their plans. Winters rode the vehicle up a cargo elevator where he fought Heisenberg as a distraction while the factory was destroyed.


Heisenberg's factory appeared to be a giant storage facility and processing plant at first glance, but its true nature was literally hidden below the surface. Deep underground lay a complex of metal buildings situated over an underground river; here, Heisenberg's "willing" test subjects were sorted and sent to different processing areas to be implanted with the Cadou and augmented with cybernetics. Heisenberg also used the facility to do his own research and combat trials with his creations, assessing them for flaws to be corrected in future models.

The factory has several levels that are mostly traversed by large elevators (one of which doubles as a safehouse/shop run by The Duke). Several set pieces (including doors, turbines, and a generator) have red-glowing ports that must be shot to proceed, similar to the weak points of Heisenberg's Soldat minions. One room contains a small casting machine that can be used to make a variety of items if Ethan finds and inserts the appropriate moulds; another room contains an elaborate Labyrinth puzzle that awards the Bister Skull if completed. At the very bottom of the facility, there is a large garage where Heisenberg's Self-propelled Artillery is situated, along with a cargo elevator that goes straight to ground level, emerging inside a building in the field outside the main factory.




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