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"I didn't know what else to do. So I helped him. I helped Simmons breach the president's security. "
— Helena to Leon, regarding her guilt

Helena Harper (ヘレナ・ハーパー Herena Hāpā?) is an agent of the United States Secret Service (USSS),[2] a federal law enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security, and a former CIA agent. She had a younger sister named Deborah.


Early life and CIA career[]

Little is known of Helena Harper's childhood, though by the time she reached adulthood her parents were dead and her younger sister, Deborah, was her only remaining family member.[3] Harper managed to get a career in the Central Intelligence Agency, but it is known to have been chaotic, and she became notorious within the agency for repeated cases of misconduct. In one incident she assaulted the suspect of a serial murder investigation when he made crass remarks in front of a victim's family.[4] In another, she shot her sister's ex-boyfriend after he assaulted her in the breakup. As he was unarmed at the time, an inquiry ruled against her.[4] The CIA made plans to fire her, but this was changed to a secondment to the Secret Service with the possibility of a permanent transfer to the Division of Security Operations.[3][4]

Assassination plot[]

With her new position within the Secret Service secured around 2012, Harper was scouted by National Security Adviser Derek C. Simmons who, with his Family organisation, was planning to assassinate President Adam Benford. Her record of misconduct, particularly regarding her sister, made her a perfect candidate for the mission, as these proved she could be manipulated.[4]


Realization of the president's death begins to sink in.

In June 2013, Harper was abducted by The Family and taken to a secret chamber beneath Tall Oaks Cathedral. There, she found her sister already present, and was threatened with her murder if she refused to co-operate with the assassination. Giving in to the demands, Harper joined Simmons' plan. Three days later, on Saturday 30 June, President Benford was scheduled to give a speech at Ivy University in Tall Oaks. As a member of the Secret Security, Harper's new job under Simmons was to cause a distraction and open up a hole in the President's protection to allow the assassination to take place. Though she succeeded in causing a distraction, she quickly changed her stance and insisted over the radio it was a trap; this was rejected by her colleagues owing to her erratic record. Soon after, a Lepotica was released into the halls of Ivy University, with others around Tall Oaks; they released a fog which contained C-Virus, turning those that inhaled the cloud into Zombies. Harper and DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy reached President Benford's private room to find he had already succumbed to infection, and were forced to kill him themselves. Refusing to explain her role in the plot, Harper insisted Kennedy go with her to Tall Oaks Cathedral to see the evidence in person.

Tall Oaks[]

"It's hard to explain. If I don't tell you at the cathedral, you may not believe me."

Helena pleading with Simmons to let her sister go.

To get to the church, Helena and Leon first had to escape from the campus. Unfortunately, it was a task easier said than done as they ran into numerous difficulties and hindrances. Helena became immediately annoyed with Leon's benevolent nature when he agreed to help a man search for his daughter, Liz, particularly as the event forced Helena to kill her first infected individual. The entire situation left Helena clearly rattled as Leon scolded her hesitation. She didn't make the same mistake moments later when zombies swarmed the elevator they were on before they escaped into the parking garage. Helena turned the tables when they witnessed two survivors on the campus' security camera monitors and had to convince Leon it was too late to help them as they were attacked before their eyes. Eventually, the two agents managed to escape through the west entrance of the university into a police patrol car. The ride was short-lived as Leon flipped the car when a zombie that had latched to the roof reached through the window, though Helena and Leon both survived the crash.


Helena boarding the escape bus with survivors while Leon covers them.

Under the directions of Hunnigan, they proceeded into the sewers to bypass a pile-up of flaming vehicles. The sewers led to the still-active subway system beneath Tall Oaks where the duo met another survivor who Leon insisted on saving again, despite Helena's complaints. Obsessed with saving a man named Peter, Helena tried to stop her from opening a shutter that was keeping a mass of zombies out but it was too late. As the woman was killed, the agents fought through the infected and up to the streets. The city was chaotic as people were attacked on the street and survivors crashed their vehicles in their hurried attempts to escape, though Helena was only concerned with pushing through. However, she eventually went against her nature when she reluctantly agreed to help Leon protect a group of survivors. Although she reacted hostilely at first to a woman named Nancy, snapping that she should stop crying and shoot if she wanted to live. However she softened up later, scolding the girl's boyfriend, Peter, as the young man insulted a rookie police officer for risking his life to save Nancy's. The two agents managed to keep the survivors safe until a bus arrived to take them to the church, where Helena and Leon had found out survivors were congregating.

Through their effort, the bus managed to push through the mass of undead although two survivors - a gun shop owner and a young Japanese man - were lost in the process. Helena and Leon were informed by Hunnigan that not only was a group named Neo Umbrella claiming responsibility for the attack, but Derek C. Simmons was beginning to inquire about the situation, worrying Helena due to his involvement. Their progress was delayed again as the driver lost control of the bus and skidded to the edge of a cliff. Although zombies swarmed the bus, and a stray truck smashed it off of the edge, Leon and Helena managed to survive as they were thrown clear from the burning wreckage of the bus. Unfortunately, no one else survived the accident. As Leon voiced his disgust at the senselessness of so many deaths, Helena was more sympathetic but told him that they did not have the time to grieve right then.


Helena and Leon preparing to try and rescue survivors from the Lepotica.

The two had to cut through the cemetery to make their way to the church, though when they finally arrived, one of the survivors, Paul, refused to let them in. Helena and Leon were forced to fight for their lives as zombies swarmed over the front of the church, drawn in further by the ringing church bells. The agents overheard another survivor arguing with Paul until the man suddenly smashed out a window and began to provide aid with a sniper rifle until Paul agreed to finally open the door. When the doors opened, Helena and Leon rushed in, Helena providing the cover-fire needed to force a zombie back until Leon could get the door shut. To the disappointment of the survivors, the two had to tell them they were not the rescue the group were anticipating. As the survivors settled back down, Helena explained to Leon that there was a secret passage beneath the altar though when he asked her what was there, she merely repeated that it would be better to show him. Although, much to Helena's chagrin, the two had to go through an ordeal of puzzles to unlock the secret opening, they finally succeeded and unwittingly unleashed a Lepotica on the survivors inside. Although they managed to defeat the creature, they were not without casualties. Obtaining the keycard to gain them entry into the laboratory beneath them, they proceeded on.


Helena finally finds Deborah alive.

As the two proceeded through the underground labs, Helena became more hectic and worried as she searched for a woman named Deborah. When Leon repeatedly asked about the woman, Helena chose only to ignore him as she quickly continued her search for her younger sister. Leon eventually voiced his frustration with Helena stringing him along, but she pleaded for him to bear with her a little longer. They came to a lab lined with chrysalids in tubes and found a videotape labeled Happy Birthday, Ada Wong. The tape depicted the birthing of Ada's doppelganger, though when Leon asked if this is what Helena wanted to show him, she insisted that none of it was present when she was there three days ago. The duo eventually was forced to escape the lab through a garbage chute, leading into the caverns below. As they continued, Helena inquired about the woman on the tape, who Leon believed was Ada, but he only retorted that Helena should provide some answers herself if she wanted some in turn, a point that Helena conceded to as being fair. Through the caverns, the two eventually found Deborah Harper alive but unconscious. Managing to bring her to consciousness, Helena dismissed Leon's demands for answers again, saying she would tell him everything if he helped her get to safety with Deborah. Reluctantly, Leon agreed. They proceeded through the caverns with Leon providing protection as Helena carried her sister, but it wasn't long until Deborah became overcome with burning pain. Putting her sister down, Helena watched in horror as her sister's body suddenly combusted and became encased in a thick residue that hardened into a cocoon. The cocoon began to hatch and Helena reached out for her sister's hand as it freed itself only for Deborah's body to be thrown out of its shell as a crossbow arrow embedded itself in her head.


Taking aim at Ada Wong after she shot the hatching Deborah with an arrow.

Ada Wong revealed herself to the two and Helena aimed her weapon at the woman. Without words, Leon got her to lower her weapon as Helena succumbed to her emotions and broke down, sobbing over the death of her sister. The cavern began to show signs of collapsing as Helena clutched on to her sister's body, apologizing to her. Deborah's mutation took form as arachnid-like appendages burst from her body. Helena pleaded for Leon and Ada not to harm her, but Deborah was no longer herself and threw Helena off of her and attacked the trio. As the fight continued, Deborah dislodged a pillar, causing the floor beneath them to collapse and Helena became separated briefly from Leon and Ada. They found their way down to the next level where Deborah attacked again until her brute strength caused the floor to collapse again from her attacks. Helena and Ada were separated from Leon this time, meeting up in a minecart that Deborah targeted next. Helena screamed for Deborah to stop, but to no avail. The minecart was dislodged from the tracks and crashed into a wall, sending the four plummeting below.


Finally letting go of her sister, already long-lost.

Helena and Deborah landed together on an unfinished bridge as Ada and Leon landed on a higher platform. As an appendage erupted from Deborah's mouth, she prepared to attack Helena as Leon and Ada tried to protect her from afar. Helena fired as well, causing Deborah to retract the appendage in pain as she stumbled around Helena and began to topple over the edge. Helena grabbed Deborah's hand and looked into her face, but Deborah could only respond with snarling and hissing. Swearing to not cry until she avenged her death, Helena let go of Deborah's hand and watched her fall into the darkness below. She finally told Leon everything about Simmons and her involvement, to which Ada offhandedly remarked how it sounded like something Simmons would do. Ada told Helena and Leon both to be careful as they were dealing with the people who "really run the country" before making a prompt exit.

Hunnigan contacted the two again, though when Leon tried to warn her about Simmons they discovered he was already observing the conversation. Simmons immediately began to question them, naming them as suspects in the attack as they were the only ones present at the time. Helena reacted angrily, accusing Simmons of being responsible for everything though he merely brought up how Helena had suspiciously abandoned her post and that there was no proof of his involvement. He suggested they turn themselves in to prove their innocence before cutting off the call. Helena agreed to partner with Leon so long as he helped her get to Simmons, now convinced to make him pay for what he had done. As they proceeded through the catacombs, Helena asked Leon about Ada, questioning if she could be trusted. Leon was unable to give a straight answer which led Helena to guess that the two had some history together. The two were separated numerous times through the unstable catacombs, along the way coming across a dangerous shark-like B.O.W. that they managed to evade.


Having barely escaped, Helena and Leon watch as Tall Oaks is destroyed.

The creature stalked them through the flooded caverns, however, eventually chasing them down a long tunnel where they managed to shake the creature once and for all. The tunnel led into a lake outside of Tall Oaks where the two watched as the city was destroyed, eliminating any evidence against Simmons. Helena and Leon were contacted again where they were told Simmons had already left for his private jet, planning to head to China where another bioterrorist attack had occurred using the same C-Virus used in Edonia six months prior. Leon said they needed to take Simmons into custody, but they had no evidence. He eventually asked Hunnigan to fake his and Helena's deaths as they went to China to confront Simmons.

Lanshiang and Tatchi[]

"Why didn't you turn me in? You could have cleared your name."
— Helena to Leon on the plane to China

On the plane to China, Helena questions Leon's choice.

On an American airline to China, Helena questioned Leon, asking him why he chose not to turn her in and clear his name. He told her that clearing his name would not have stopped Simmons and joked that she was growing on him anyway, provoking a grin from her for once. The plane hit turbulence and started to lose altitude as passengers panicked. Leon raced to the cockpit and Helena quickly followed him, only to find the pilot hatching from a chrysalid as a Lepotica. The two agents forced the creature to retreat into the lighting system above, though they were immediately informed by Hunnigan about an issue in the bulkhead.


Preparing to inspect the issue in the cockpit.

They arrived in time to stop a gas leak, but the Lepotica returned, crashing through the ceiling. As they fended off their attacker, they managed to get the cargo hatch open which pulled the three of them out. Helena and Leon managed to grab a hold of the hatch door as the Lepotica flew out and to the city below, though as they managed to crawl back onto the plane and closed the hatch, they found the Lepotica had succeeded in infecting the passengers. Back in the cockpit, they discovered they had accidentally destabilized the plane and Leon was forced to take control to stop the plane from crashing. As infected passengers swarmed the cockpit, Helena had to hold them off and protect Leon as he tried to get the plane under control. They were forced to make a crash landing into Lanshiang. Exiting the plane, Helena and Leon found themselves making contact with an old friend of Leon's, DSO agent Sherry Birkin, and mercenary Jake Muller.


Preparing to draw her Picador on Sherry and Jake.

The situation grew tense as Leon discovered Sherry was reporting to Simmons directly and Jake assaulted Leon when he tried to get answers. Helena was ready to act, however, with her hand already resting on her firearm ready to draw if it was necessary. Though as Sherry tried to defuse the situation, they were suddenly attacked by a B.O.W. that was tracking Jake called Ustanak. Together the four fought Jake's pursuer and managed to force him into retreat for the time. When the coast was clear, Leon and Sherry went to jump a barricade to find a way out for the others, but the Ustanak attacked again. Helena was left alone with Jake to fight the creature again, though she expressed being impressed with Jake being able to survive previous encounters with the Ustanak, and in the same breath questioned Jake's sanity when he remarked he found the whole thing fun. Leon and Sherry returned to help, crashing a double-decker bus through the barricade to reunite with Helena and Jake. The fight continued until the fire overcame a nearby electrical tower, causing it to fall upon the Ustanak and separate Leon and Helena from Sherry and Jake. Through the wreck, Sherry informed the two that she was going to meet Simmons at the Kwun Leng building, but before Leon could reply an explosion cut him off. Helena asked if Sherry and Jake would be alright, and Leon only remarked that he hopes Jake is as good as he thinks he is. On their way to Koocheng, they cut through a market that had been blocked off only to find the horrific reason why - a dangerous regenerating creature was stalking the streets. They managed to eventually escape into a nearby building where Leon was able to dispose of the creature in a nearby grinder.


Going after Simmons, after letting Chris and Piers follow "Ada".

As they continued, they caught a glimpse of Ada's doppelganger, Carla Radames, entering a nearby building. Under the impression it is actually Ada, Helena suggested they follow her and the two agents went after her. They discovered that two others were pursuing "Ada" alongside them and the two pairs were forced to race against each other through several traps. The other pair of pursuers, BSAA operators Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans managed to eventually corner her in a series of catwalks. Leon moved on to stop them as Helena watched him fight with Chris over the woman. In the midst of their heated discussion, "Ada" made her escape and an enraged Piers followed after her. Helena immediately began to follow after him until Leon stopped her, despite her exclaiming that Piers would surely kill the woman. Before letting Chris go, Leon tried to reason with Chris, finally convincing him to take "Ada" into custody instead of killing her. When Helena questioned if they could rely on Chris to do the right thing, Leon told her how Chris had been in the game as long as he has and that he trusts him. With "Ada"'s fate in Chris and Piers' hands, Helena and Leon continued their objective of finding Simmons.


Together Helena and Leon provide cover-fire for Jake and Sherry to escape.

Only moments away from Kwun Leng, Helena asked if Leon was okay with going after Simmons as opposed to following Ada and if he regretted not following her. Leon remarked how Ada would have to wait and how Simmons was their objective. Simmons stood ready on the other side of the set of doors outside the building with armed members of The Family, but was surprised to see Helena and Leon the ones emerging though Sherry and Jake followed shortly behind. Sherry demanded answers from Simmons who admitted his involvement in the attack, claiming it was for the good of the country and placing the blame for the president's death on Leon, provoking Helena to curse him. The Family opened fire, forcing the three agents and Jake into cover. Together they planned to cover Sherry and Jake as they made their escape though before separating, Sherry gave information that could stop the C-Virus. As the two made their getaway, Leon and Helena attacked The Family members though the short battle was thrown into chaos as Derek was suddenly shot with a dart by a rogue J'avo and infected with the C-Virus. Simmons stumbled away to a passing train and Helena and Leon gave pursuit, jumping onto the train after him. As they found him at the front of the train Simmons tried to divert their attention at first by placing blame on Ada Wong, then tried to rationalize his actions. Leon and Helena dismissed his remarks as Simmons became more enraged and eventually succumbed to the effects of the enhanced C-Virus, his body rupturing and granting him the ability to mutate into a larger canine-like creature of bone and muscle tissue.


Unflinching, Helena prepares to take a final shot at Simmons.

The two agents fought with the mutated Simmons throughout the series of train cars, though he showed no signs of stopping and only taunted Helena with her sister's death. He even proved strong enough to knock another series of oncoming train cars off of the railing. Simmons prepared to ram the train they were on head-on, though they managed to trip him up as they opened fire, causing the train to ram him and flip him back on top of the train. His body briefly succumbed to the damage it received and reverted to his human form. He recovered quickly and mutated once more, using his brute strength to dislodge a piece of the train's roof and send it flying towards Leon and Helena. Leon managed to slide and shoot the debris to knock it off course, giving Helena an opening just as it passed overhead as she fired one bullet directly into the mutated Simmons' head. Becoming distraught with the situation before him as The Family abandoned him, Simmons slipped from the edge of the train and fell onto the tracks, the train running over him in the process. The cars became dislodged from the rails and Helena and Leon were forced to leap off and into the water nearby. Alive and exhausted, they pulled themselves ashore just outside of Tatchi. They briefly overlooked the wreckage caused on the bridge railroad before walking up off of the dock, watching as civilians were being escorted to safety by the BSAA. Helena asked Leon if the ordeal was finally over to which Leon replied, "Yeah... it's over."


Moments before infection hits Tatchi.

Before Helena and Leon could relax, Hunnigan suddenly contacted them to inform them that Sherry and Jake had been abducted. Helena realized that the files that Sherry gave them had something to do with it and as they looked over the files, she pointed out to Leon how the key to stopping the C-Virus actually lies in Jake Muller. As Leon tries to get in contact with someone in the BSAA to help rescue them, Helena spots an object in the sky just above. With Chris patched through, Leon informed him of their location only to have Chris urgently yell for them to leave the area. The object overhead that Helena spotted was a missile that released the C-Virus in a blue fog over Tatchi, infecting countless people. Leon told Chris to find Sherry and Jake and rescue them and Helena overhears as Chris, in turn, told Leon that Ada Wong was dead. Concerned, Helena asked Leon if he was alright, but Leon only distantly mentioned finding survivors and escaping the city. With the help of some BSAA operators, Leon and Helena manage to avoid the blue fog and escape into a truck with one of the soldiers. The soldier drives them through the fog to the edge of the danger zone, directing them to the Quad Tower where evacuees were being taken. Chaos reminiscent of Tall Oaks was everywhere as a stray gas tanker knocked them both out briefly. As they came to, infected citizens began to surround them until Ada suddenly appeared in a helicopter, providing them with cover-fire to make their escape. They managed to find their way to a bridge overrun with zombies that would lead directly to the Quad Tower. However, a plane set inside a building dislodged itself, starting a series of explosions that destroyed the bridge. Helena and Leon were forced to run, making their way to a BSAA helicopter to escape only to find the pilot was injured. Leon took the controls of the failing helicopter, managing to keep it suspended enough to crash through the side of the Quad Tower. Barely escaping the crash, Leon and Helena proceeded deeper into the tower.


Helena brings up Leon's feelings for Ada.

As they entered the Quad Tower, Helena and Leon were shocked to find Derek C. Simmons waiting for them. Still greatly angered, he mutated into a new, gigantic form as he witnessed Ada circling overhead in her helicopter. With the help of Ada, they managed to bring Simmons' monstrous mutation down once again. Ada retreated to the roof with her helicopter and Helena hoped the elevator was still operational. Noticing Leon's hesitation, she asked him what was wrong but he insisted it was nothing. On the elevator ride up, Helena finally spoke up about Ada, pointing out Leon's obvious feelings for her. Before Leon could respond, the elevator was blown off course by an explosion, forcing the agents to make a wild leap on top of the neighboring elevator. Together, they climbed the support cable only to witness Ada fighting with Simmons on top of a nearby connecting hallway between two of the towers. With Ada evading to another section of the tower, Helena and Leon found the opportunity to fire on Simmons from afar until the platform they stopped on began to fall, forcing them to jump back onto the cable. Simmons' attention shifted to the two agents as they climbed further. Helena tried to call out for Ada's help as Ada returned the favor, trying to slow Simmons down with gunfire. It was not long before Simmons went after Ada again, giving Helena and Leon the chance to find even ground once more until Leon found a way over to help Ada as she was knocked out by Simmons. From afar, Helena could do nothing but provide cover fire for the two while fending off whatever zombies shambled her way. Though Helena was helpless as Simmons managed to knock Leon to the edge of the platform, leaving him dangling until Ada came to his rescue. With Simmons dispatched, Ada bid Leon a final farewell before departing, though Helena urged him over their comms to go after her. Leon refused, stating that he and Helena were sticking together.


Helena urges Leon to follow after Ada.

Reaching the roof, they discovered Simmons had survived their last encounter, mutated further as he absorbed the bodies of the infected to power himself. Though Simmons briefly blocked their exit, they managed to injure him enough to the point he was defenseless as surrounding undead swarmed and began to feed on him. They took note of the helicopter Ada had left for them and rushed to it, though Simmons - newly mutated into a massive amalgamation of different insects - tried to stop them once more. Noting how Simmons used the bodies of the infected to regenerate, they used a loosened lightning rod to impale a zombie as Simmons took it in to regenerate its damaged head. The rod attracted the lightning from the ongoing storm, causing the electrified creature to crash through the floor. They reached the helicopter, but the injured and fully-mutated Simmons rose to try and stop them. The agents managed to finally put an end to things with a rocket launcher left behind by Ada, the blast of the launcher knocking Simmons back and deep into the belly of the tower. As Simmons fell, his body mutated back into his human state just as he was impaled on the obelisk Helena and Leon passed earlier, bleeding him out from his wound. Watching Simmons' death, Helena spoke of her finally getting revenge for her sister as Leon suggested they get to the helicopter.


"That's for my sister."

In the helicopter, the two found a compact left behind by Ada with a hidden compartment. Inside the compartment was a small data disk containing all of the evidence needed to prove that Simmons was behind the bioterrorist attacks, the evidence to ensure Leon's innocence. When Leon said it would prove both of their innocence, Helena could only sadly remark that she did not need it. Before he could retort, Hunnigan called to inform the two of them that a way to stop the C-Virus was found. Before the collapsing Quad Tower could catch up to them completely, they made their escape in Ada's helicopter.

Return to Duty[]

"It's time for me to take responsibility."

Leon returns Helena's gun to her, along with her freedom.

Sometime after surviving the events in China, Helena visited the grave of her sister with Hunnigan, Leon, and other agents present. Remarking that it is time for her to take responsibility, she thanked Leon and said that she was ready to be taken into custody for her crimes. With a nod of approval from Hunnigan, Leon approached and took Helena's arm, though instead of arresting her, he placed her gun in her hand. Helena was confused, proclaiming that she was an accessory to the attack on the president.[5]


Helena gives Ada's compact to Leon.

Hunnigan informed Helena that upon reviewing the evidence, it was decided that it was not fair to hold Helena responsible for Simmons' crimes and further said that the findings would not be made public. When she tried to protest, Leon told her that President Benford would have done the same thing. Hunnigan suggested they go join the rest of the team, though before departing Helena gave Ada's compact back to Leon, so that he can return it the next time he crosses paths with her.[5]


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