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Concept art of Helena shows that the final design of her character changed very little from her concepts. The only notable difference between her early concept art of the outfit she wears in Tall Oaks and the final product is that in the concept art, a badge can be seen on the left side of her belt opposite her gun holster. The pendant Helena wears while in Tall Oaks is significantly less-defined in the concept art as opposed to being an ovular emerald green pendant as seen in-game. The concept art of the outfit Helena wears in Lanshiang is identical to the final design. Helena's overall design and appearance was unchanged from her concept.


During the events in Tall Oaks (also while held hostage by Simmons and later after the events in China), Helena is dressed very formally. She wears dark pinstripe pants over black leather shoes with a slightly raised heel. She also dresses in a dark grey waistcoat worn over a white button-up dress shirt with short sleeves, and a small green pendant around her neck. There is a waist holster on the right side of her belt as well as several small packs along her belt.

On the plane to Lanshiang and throughout the ordeals there, Helena is changed into something more casual. She wears a white tank top under a burgundy dress shirt that remains unbuttoned. She also sports light brown cargo pants that are tucked into knee-high dark brown leather boots with high heels. She dons a pair of fingerless black gloves and a black leather shoulder holster as well. Helena keeps the same waist holster and pouches from her previous outfit although with a different belt.

In The Mercenaries, Helena's alternate costume includes a blue denim jacket with a high collar that is left partially unbuttoned, accompanied by a blue and white plaid tie. Printed on the back of the jacket is the R.P.D. abbreviation, also listing the Special Tactics and Rescue Service below it. The emblem of S.T.A.R.S. is found in the form of a patch on both sleeves of the jacket. She wears a blue plaid skirt with black fishnet stockings and black leather boots as well. Helena also wears a police officer's cap and black fingerless gloves, as well as a brown belt and a larger black belt accessorized with a handheld transceiver, a police baton, and several pouches. An alternate coloring of this outfit can be unlocked through which is identical to the original except in green with a solid blue tie and a blue belt. Her third extra costume is a retro version of her China appearance and can also be obtained through

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