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Weapons and Usage

Like the other six main playable characters of Resident Evil 6, Helena has a unique loadout. Her main firearm is her Picador pistol which has the highest default power of the main handguns. The trade-off is that the Picador has the lowest critical chance of the four handguns as well as the lowest firing rate, although not by a noticeable amount. It also has the second-lowest clip size, being able to fit only one more shot than the Nine-Oh-Nine handgun that Jake Muller and Chris Redfield use. Helena's other starting weapon is the Hydra shotgun. The weapon has several faults, such as using an entirely different type of shotgun shell than the Shotgun or Assault Shotgun and can also only fire three shots before it is required to reload, which is less than half of either of the two other shotguns. It also has the weakest strength of the three shotguns at a distance, though can match the Assault Shotgun's power at close-range. However these faults are balanced with the Hydra's extremely high fire rate, which allows Helena to fire all three shells in the barrels in a rapid succession. This discharges all three shots in the time it takes for either of the other shotguns to perform one, essentially tripling its effectiveness despite having to reload afterwards. With the Hydra equipped, Helena is also able to do a special series of quick shots, much like Leon with his Wing Shooters equipped. When using quick shot rapidly, Helena will perform an acrobatic three-shot combo which allows her to cover a great distance by sliding, diving, or rolling to come up close to an enemy before firing a shot. The greatest advantage of Helena's quick-shot with the Hydra is that at the end of the combo when the weapon is emptied, she will automatically reload all three barrels at once, taking only a third of the time to reload the weapon.

Unique Follow-Up Attacks

Following are the contextual attacks that are unique to Helena.[notes 1]

  • Roundhouse Kick - A common attack, Helena gives a swift roundhouse kick to a stunned enemy that sends them back, as well as any enemy nearby. This is most commonly performed on a staggering enemy from any direction.
  • Tilt-a-whirl Throw - A highly acrobatic move, Helena ducks under the side of a stunned enemy, locking their arm with hers. She then flips around their body, keeping the arm locked, and uses the momentum to throw the enemy as she lands. This is most commonly performed on a lightly stunned enemy (such as from a shot to the head) from the front.
  • Elbow Drop - From behind an enemy, Helena sweeps their legs out from under them before dropping back, driving her elbow into their head as she falls. This is most commonly performed on a heavily stunned, kneeling, or blinded enemy from behind.
  • Dropkick - For Helena's coup de grâce, she jumps into the air and kicks out with both feet simultaneously to knock an enemy away. This is most commonly performed on a heavily stunned, kneeling, or blinded enemy. This attack also occurs as the prompt to rescue a partner who has been grabbed by an enemy.

The Mercenaries


Helena's Costume 1 in Mercenaries

In The Mercenaries, Helena's default set-up provides her with her Picador handgun and Hydra shotgun, as well as the Grenade Launcher equipped with acid rounds. Helena's alternate set-up with her Costume 1 or 2 is drastically different, instead providing Helena with the Ammo Box 50 and Sniper Rifle. Unlike Helena's default, her alternate starts with additional equipment - three Incendiary Grenades, a Red Herb and a First Aid Spray.


Helena Harper (Default)

  • Picador (loaded with 16 rounds)
  • Hydra (loaded with 3 shells)
  • Grenade Launcher (loaded with 6 acid rounds)
  • 9mm Ammo (x50)
  • 10 Gauge Shells (x30)

Helena Harper (Costume 1 & 2)

  • Ammo Box 50 (loaded with 50 rounds)
  • Sniper Rifle (loaded with 6 rounds)
  • Red Herb (x1)
  • First Aid Spray (x1)
  • Incendiary Grenade (x3)
  • 9mm Ammo (x50)
  • 7.62mm NATO Ammo (x20)


  1. These names are unofficial and simply descriptive substitutes. Unlike previous titles, the name of the attack does not appear. Though it is possible it is because it is demo gameplay and subject to possible change.
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