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Resident Evil 6
A US government agent. An attractive young woman with a strong sense of justice and responsibility, Helena has almost unwavering faith in herself. She only opens up to her younger sister Deborah, the last surviving member of her family. As a USSS (United States Secret Service) agent, she is deployed as a member of President Benford's escort during his visit to Tall Oaks.

She encounters Leon on the day the president is to give a speech, shortly after a bioterrorist attack, and the two join forces in order to find and secure the President. Upon reaching his room, however, they discover the he has already turned, and Leon is forced to shoot him. Leon later discovers that Helena herself is responsible for these events, having been blackmailed with the safety of her own sister.

Height: 170cm. Weight: 53kg. Blood type: unknown. Age: 24 (as of 2013 / Resident Evil 6).

アメリカ合衆国エージェントのひとり。容姿端麗。正義感と責任感が人一倍強く己の信念を曲げることのない芯の強さを併せ持つ行動派。 ただ唯一の肉親である妹・デボラの事になると、やや感情的になってしまう。ベンフォード大統領のトールオークス訪問に際しては、大統領警護を担うUSSS(アメリカ合衆国シークレットサービス:United States Secret Service)に出向していた。


身長:170cm。体重:53kg。血液型:不明。年齢24歳。(2013年当時/BIOHAZARD 6)

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