This scene is played in the "B" game of Resident Evil 2 once the player reaches the rooftop of the Raccoon Police Station.


The player character climbs to the top of the stairway to the rooftop, where they spot a helicopter flying over. A police officer, Elliot Edward, is calling out for help, but is attacked by Zombies. In the frenzy, his submachinegun goes off and kills the pilot, sending the helicopter crashing into Edward and the Zombies.


Elliot Edward: "Hey! Get over here! Hurry!"

Pilot: "I can't set her down. I'll drop you a rope ladder. Grab on to it!"

Elliot: "Come on, just a little more..."
"Argh, get off me!"
"Stay back! Don't come any closer! Stay back!"

Elliot Edward:「ここだ 早くしろ!」

Pilot:「着陸は無理だ ハシゴを下ろす」

「クソッ どけ!」
「寄るな あっちへ行け 来るな!」


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