The Helipad Lookout is an area of the Spencer Manion that is featured in the original Resident Evil. It is notable for being the only location in the entire game which was completely removed from its remake, although it still appears in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence.


It is a small room accessible only through the large library located on the second floor of the mansion. A square-shaped table placed at the center of the room, while a shelf is placed near the door entry. There is a large window at the back of the room, which the Helipad can be view.


There are two items that can be pickup inside this room, the handgun clip from the square-shaped table and the ink ribbon from the shelf. By checking the window, the localization "I can look over the courtyard from here." will shown.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Checking the window I can look over the courtyard from here.
View from the window It's a heliport! If I could contact the other members from there...




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