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"While avoiding blasts of flame, we proceeded through the smoke-encased hotel. We now knew the true meaning of "hell.""
— In-game description

Hellfire takes place throughout the rooms of the burning hotel, the Apple Inn. It is infested with lickers. This scenario includes the only appearance of a Suspended, which acts as the scenario boss. The level was completed from a draft outlined as scenario "R002", and was created out of the level "Outbreak", known as R001.


Sometime after the events of Outbreak and the area in front of the Apple Inn being brought back under control. The R.F.D had begun responding to multiple different fires that have broken out throughout the city. One of which being at the Apple inn which, either due the unintentional actions of some of the infected guest, the decaying of the building's structure and facilities, or a combination of both, had caused multiple different rooms and hallways in the building to become engulfed in flames. The situation was further exasperated by a fire that had been caused by a gasoline tanker explosion on the nearby embankment right next to the main lobby building of the inn. Which had been caused by survivors escaping from Jack's Bar earlier that night.

The R.F.D arrives and enters the Apple Inn most likely to ensure the buildings structural integrity, to put out the fires both inside and next-door to the building that threaten to consume it, and to search for survivors and possibly assist with the R.P.D's evacuation efforts of the city. During this operation several survivors from Jack's bar found themselves surrounded by hordes of zombies on the streets of racoon city. Sprinting through an alleyway, they become trapped when they find zombies blocking them in from either end. With nowhere else to go, they choose to enter a nearby door that leads them into the Apple Inn's central courtyard garden.

Meanwhile, two firefighters - Len and Charlie - were sent to inspect the boiler room of the Apple Inn. After noticing the boiler shows signs of a malfunction, the two retreat, but are too late to avoid an explosion caused by the boiler. The ensuing damage to the building forces the already worn and damaged structure to buckle over the alleyway door, blocking off the survivors escape and forcing them to travel into the burning building. As the survivors travel around the burning hotel, they run into various zombies, lickers, and dying or already dead hotel guests. When the group reaches the Apple Inn's front lobby, they fight a half-transformed Licker known as Suspended which appears to be a zombie-licker hybrid. Soon after the Suspended's death, a firefighter breaks open the door and helps all of the remaining survivors out of the Apple Inn. The firefighter will then have a talk giving hope to the survivors and after that, will remember his fallen comrades while holding onto their Id tags, as the R.F.D begins combating the blaze within the inn as all across the city, fires burn.


Event Checklist[]

Item Rank points
Unlocked safe in Room 101. 20
Provided emergency power. 20
Solved Europe maps puzzle. 30
Dropped crate in the owner's room. 20
Destroyed 304/305 wall. 30
Cleared with Len's tag. 50
Cleared with Charlie's tag. 50
Cleared w/Len and Charlie tags. 50
Obtained Apple Inn map. 30
Obtained "Guest Memo 1." 20
Obtained "Guest Memo 2." 20
Obtained "Guest Memo 3." 10
Obtained "Janitor's Repair Memo." 20
Obtained "Janitor's Daily Report." 20
Obtained "Guard's Notebook." 10
Obtained "Emergency Manual." 20
Obtained "Guest List Copy." 20
Got "Hotel Charge Breakdown." 20
Defeated Regis Licker. 20
Opened secret security rm. door. 20
Used motorized ladder. 10
Used card key to unlock door. 20
Used passcode to unlock door. 20
Used gold relief key. 20
Used silver relief key. 20
Rang front lobby bell. 30
Opened locker with lockpick. 30
Watched "Call over Radio." 10
Watched "Regis Licker Appears." 20


  • Gill
  • Danny
  • Unidentified survivor
  • Wounded business woman
  • Len - the poorly maintained boiler exploded, killing him.
  • Charlie - the poorly maintained boiler exploded, killing him.



Further notes[]

  • In Hard and Very Hard modes, the players would have to notice if there is smoking coming down some doors; if those doors are open, the character would suffer a hit from the "backdraft" which would deal a lot of damage.
  • The Suspended boss fight will have two re-spawning lickers which would protect her from the survivor's attacks. Both of them can be incapacitated if the player rings the fire alarm in the reception; if this is done in Very Hard mode, the lickers would gather in front of the Suspended as if they want to protect her.
  • An Unknown survivor would be found resting in the bathroom of Room 101. If a player goes to talk to him, they would warn about the "creatures with the spear-like tongue" that pierced his torso. No matter what, this survivor will die.
  • Selecting Cindy as character will make it the only time that Cindy meets Alyssa and Yoko as AI partners, as well as making the only time where the three females reunite.