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For other mansion keys, see Mansion key.

The Helmet Key is one of the four knight-themed keys that is used to unlock certain rooms in the Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil. It is a large silver key with a carving of a helmet on one side.


In most versions of the game, the Helmet Key is found in the fireplace after defeating Plant 42 in the Dormitory's lounge area, Point 42.

In the Arrange Mode on the Director's Cut release, the Control Room Key is found in the fireplace instead. When used to unlock the Control room, a switch can be used to unlock the neighboring storage room where the Helmet Key can be found.

In Rebirth Mode of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, the player will fight Yawn instead of Plant 42 in a knife battle where they can only strike its mouth to deal damage.

In the original game, the key is used to open:

In the remake, it opens the following:[1]


Resident Evil (1996)
Item Localization Original Script
Mansion Key Nothing special. (特に気になる所はない?)
Helmet Key A carving of a helmet. (兜の形が刻まれている?)
Resident Evil (2002)
Helmet Key There's an engraving of a helmet. (兜の形が刻まれている?)

Further notes[]

In the remake, the Helmet Key is the only knight-themed key that is obtained without having to complete a puzzle.



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