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Here comes the Knight (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


After Claire goes through the now open door in the middle of the room, a Bandersnatch jumps in front of her and catches her head raising her up in the air. Thankfully, Steve breaks through the window behind the monster and starts shooting him (releasing Claire in the process) and then keeps shooting until he's dead. A small exchange happens between then, and then Claire gives him the SMG as part of their deal for the Gold Lugers. Ecstatic about his new toys, Steve tries them only to realize they're empty, Claire had a small laugh about it and then points out the available ammo on top of the containers if he gives her a boost. After picking them up, the turntable starts descending while Alfred throws some grim comments.


Claire Redfield: No!

Steve Burnside: Ha-ha! Oh yeah, that felt good! Don't worry, Claire. Your knight in shining armor is here!

Claire: You wish... But thanks for the help.

Steve: See, this is why you need me. I've got your back.

Claire: Whatever... Here, take these.

Steve: Machine guns?! For me?!

Claire: You know the deal: in exchange for your lugers.

Steve: Okay, okay!

Steve: This thing is too cool! Yes! Now this is my kind of weapon! Alright!
Huh...? Hey!
This thing's empty! You cheated me.

Claire: Up there. Plenty of ammo; just for you.

Steve: Way up there?

Claire: Gimme a boost and I'll get it for you.

Steve: Alright. Alright.
Ow! My back! You're heavier then you look. Hurry up!

Claire: Happy, now...?

Steve: What?!

Alfred: Now that your knight has made his appearance, he can join you in your descent into death...

クレア・レッドフィールド: No!

スティーブ・バーンサイド: 最高の気分だぜ! ナイトのお出ましだぜ、クレアお姉様

クレア: ナイトとはねぇ。とりあえず ありがとう

スティーブ: ほら やっぱ 俺がついてねぇとダメだろ

クレア: そうね。 だから これをあげるわ

スティーブ: マシンガンじゃねえか! 俺に?!

クレア: あなたのルガーと交換だけどね

スティーブ: OK OK!

スティーブ: こりゃ最高だぜ! 俺にぴったりって感じだな!
弾が入ってねぇぞ! だましたな!

クレア: あなたの欲しいものならあそこよ

スティーブ: あんなトコかよ?!

クレア: 私がとってあげるから踏み台になって

スティーブ: ったく
おい、結構重いな あんた。 早くしろよ

クレア: はい どうぞ

スティーブ: な なんだ!?

アルフレッド: ナイトが登場したようだな。 更なる地獄に ご案内しよう