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Dr. Herman Frankl was an Umbrella Corporation biologist employed by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals through its subsidiary Umbrella Europe. He was heavily involved in the creation of the NE-α Type parasite and the subsequent development of the Nemesis T-Type.


Dr. Frankl obtained a senior fellowship over the course of his higher education in the field of biology. He was also awarded a university degree in economics.[1] Umbrella Europe eventually hired him prior to 1988 and he was assigned to Umbrella Europe Laboratory Six.

Nemesis Project[]

During his time at Laboratory Six, Dr. Frankl was put in charge of the Nemesis Project, which sought to find a means to circumvent brain damage and mental degradation experienced by t-Virus-based B.O.W.s; previously-developed B.O.W.s such as the Hunter and Web Spinner were considered inadequate because they either showed very limited intelligence or were only able to be taught a small amount of commands.[2] The goal was to produce a B.O.W. with human-level intelligence, which Umbrella Europe attempted to accomplish by introducing a genetically-engineered parasite into a B.O.W.'s brain. The NE-α Type, inspired by Las Plagas, was the result of initial research into this objective.[3]

The first instance of parasite testing occurred with Lisa Trevor, which, while successful in implanting her with a specimen, was unsuccessful in controlling her due to her unique mutations. However, it led to the discovery of the G-Virus.[2]

The Nemesis Project came to a standstill until the mid-1990s with the creation of the T-103 Tyrant. Under Dr. Frankl's leadership, the decision was made to experiment with implanting an NE-α Type into a T-103's brain. He and his team, of which Dr. Luis Serra Navarro was a member[4], conducted extensive research into making the parasite compatible with a T-103 host, eventually producing the Nemesis T-Type.

This breakthrough intrigued many across the Umbrella Corporation, although it was not without skepticism, such as that expressed by Umbrella USA biologist Dr. Nathaniel Bard.[1] Umbrella USA additionally attempted to compete using its own T.A.L.O.S. Project.[5] Nevertheless, the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident provided ample opportunities for testing the Nemesis prototype, and Dr. Frankl had it shipped across from France to the United States.[6]

What became of Dr. Frankl following the Raccoon Trials and the subsequent collapse of the Umbrella Corporation is ultimately unknown.