Hideaki Utsumi (内海秀明 utsumi hideaki?) is a Japanese sound designer who worked for Capcom for a number of years.


Utsumi's first credit is the 1996 game, Resident Evil. In that game he worked on sound effects alongside Ippo Yamada, while Makoto Tomozawa; Akari Kaida and Masami Ueda arranged and composed the music.[1] When Resident Evil 2 was greenlit in mid 1996, Utsumi worked with Wataru Hama on its own sound effects, and was later interviewed for RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 final edition in regards to his "environment" effects.[2]

Following Resident Evil 2's success, Utsumi led sound design alongside Yoshihiko Wada on a new Resident Evil project dubbed "Stylish". This later became Devil May Cry.[3]



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