The High Roller is a weapon which appears in Resident Evil: Revelations. The gun appears to be an AK-74 from Resident Evil 5, the only difference being that the gun is gold-plated. It does not make an appearance in the main story line of the game, but it does appear in Raid Mode, where it is one of the four legendary weapons. The Rare variant of this weapon is the High Roller II (JP: ハイローラーⅡ).


It generally has the highest firepower between the sub-machine guns and the highest base penetration of all non-rifle weapons at 2, but also the smallest capacity, the slowest reload speed, the lowest rate of fire and the strongest recoil. However, characters with the Machine Gun Mastery skill (Mainly Jill and Keith) can both speed up the reload time and increase the rate of fire. The stats for the weapons in Raid mode is based on level.


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